Monday, 6 July 2009

Hot Pink ~ Good causes and goodbyes xx

Well Done
so proud of my 2 eldest girlies for taking part in the Ribbon Walk. Such a great cause,
And as seen on the website of
They walked 10 miles in aid of the Breast Cancer Fund. They have had to raise quite a large amount of money and pay out for a participation fee too, just to take part. I thought that was quite a feat to handle, especially in this present economic climate, so well done for undertaking all of this girls. They are still taking donations if you are interested in adding to the fund you can donate here JUSTGIVING paypal options for overseas donations too.
Hundreds set off across the beautiful West Sussex Downs on a gorgeous sunny hot hot day, all bedecked in Hot Pink. Some walking 20 miles and others 10. A see of pink meandering across the country side. Well done. They all looked pretty pink at the end of the walk :0))

Was so so sad and sorry to hear the wonderful Charlies Angel star Farrah Fawcett passed away this month.
I will always remember the halo of golden tresses, I have to say she was a big influence in my life at 14 , the hair, OMG THE HOURS SPENT DOING MY LONG HAIR ~ yes the flick had to be right and could not go off to school until I had the look. So will always have the fondest memories of our wonderful Farrah.
And last but not least Michael ~ what a week ~ I can't bear it ~ I loved his music, grew up on it, like many others. No one can bring a performance to the stage like he did.

May they both rest in place though there memory lives on.

Oh and minor problem here on blog .... my music on playlist has stopped ~ apparently copyright in my country ~ but I wear my HEART in my music so I miss having it on here. Though I have my own cd's of the music I liked my playlist :0((

Finally thinking ahead I have joined up for a Blog Party for Halloween ~ yes thinking ahead :0))

A Masquerade

If you want to take part go along to get the button here think of the glamour, the cobwebs, the gowns LOL. Not usually into Halloween but I could have some fun with this one.

Ginny xx


Lori said...

Ginny, good for your girls for helping out a great cause...i loved Farrah when she was on charlie's angels too...never had the hair hair never would have cooperated for that hairstyle...i wanted to tell you that when i was at Heather's last month, i got to see your Marie book pages in person and they were truly gorgeous!!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Congratulations to your wonderful girls for volunteering and following through for such a worthy cause. Terrific -- you are right to be proud!

Stephenie said...

Ginny, I'm so proud of your girls...10 miles is alot, but what a wonderful cause...
I'm so sad about Farrah and Michael.. I always thought Farrah was such a beautiful women...I also loved Michael..I remember when I got the Thriller album..I was just so excited..His music always made me want to dance...
Hope all is well...

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

So wonderful ofyour girls to get out and support such a great cause! And yes, Farrah and Michael. So sad. They both will be truly missed. Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Have a happy day

shabbydreaming said...

What a wonderful thing to do!! your girls should be so proud of themselves!! And Yes Farrah and Michael both passing away is just terrible!! they will both be sadly missed!! two truely talented artists.