Thursday, 28 December 2006

Christmas is passing by and the bells of the New Year will ring out

As the Christmas festivities come to an end and the New Year steps in I always come to think about the years that have passed and what the future holds. I don't know about you but I hate saying goodbye, and I especially hate saying good bye to another year.

But on the brightside of things it is also a fresh start. I have a big list of new year resolutions - many associated with most importantly my family, my community, my shape (ugggh - not that one again!) and all those unfinished projects (I have thousands). I think tackling a new skill would be good too..... but lets see which one gets started first!

Happy Hogmanay, Happy New Year and look forward to 2007!

Monday, 25 December 2006

Everything is ready and Santa is on his way.

Phew everything has been done, biscuits are now made and up in the tree.
The cake has been decorated by the children, great snowman and sleigh.
Now we are just waiting on Santa.
Last we looked on Norad he was close, over Denmark. Not long to go.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The Christmas tree in all its glory, you can just about see Nikki's (Nostalgia) Angel at the top. She's so pretty and her wings are adorable!
These Greengate heart baubles with the roses, glitter and silver sides are gorgeous.
And here are the metal hearts from Caroline Zoob, alongside the Greengate Roses and Snowflakes. I managed to find snowflake sheer ribbon too.
I found this Snowy Santa at my Garden Centre, they have every imaginable colour theme on sale, even black (and it did look quite nice - but not for me). I love snowy white against green.
This last picture was the tree bathed in winter sun.

Friday, 8 December 2006

The Christmas Tree

Hi just a little note on my very first blog to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.
We have put our Christmas tree up early this year. We have been buying a fresh one for the last 7 years. The needles don’t fall out so the tree looks great for the whole of the Christmas period.
I didn't think I could buy anymore Christmas decorations, I thought I had all there was to have. I like traditional trees with lots of ribbon and beads and glass baubles. BUT… this year I have gone mad on hearts and snowflakes… whats the matter with me! Anyway I have shopped with Sophie Perks Ward (a wonderful friendly and professional website selling GREENGATE, (I have shopped at a lot of places for Greengate but her online store is by far the most efficient and helpful), then I have moved on to Caroline Zoob for super sweet metal hearts, and then totally amazed by my local Garden Centre , it was a veritable winter wonderland and the whole neighbourhood knows about it! It was crushingly squashed on Sunday, I went back there again on Wednesday ….just for a tad more…. Shh enough is enough.