Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wishing for summer sun

Reminiscing on our last summer hols in Greece we are all just willing the sun to come out over here

So you can imagine when the Sun reared its head over here in England this bank holiday, well mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun ( old English joke ~ sorry lost on some of you I am sure) LOL.
Anyway the whole British nation head out and do as much as they can. Well if its not the beach then it has to be the BBQ ~ so the boys came over and commandered the barbie
strike a pose girls
best thing about BBQ's are that the girls can put there feet up.
what you see here is South African sausage ~ bultong ?? (spelling :0)


Well now the smiles can go back in there box cos another day and it is raining again ~ would you believe it !

The only place I think will put a smile back on my face is on the dance floor, so tommorrow night I will be dancing like I never danced before and as they say like no one is watching.

Hope the sun come out for you.

Ginny xx

Monday, 4 May 2009

Saturday Night is the BIG dance night ~ but am I ready for the freestyle LOL

Advanced Freestyle ~ Am I ready for this
I have been learning Ceroc for a few months and this Saturday will be my first freestyle night ~ no teacher, no help, just dance.
( Ceroc is named from the french name le roc) ~ as in jive and swing but with a twist ~ there are quite a few latin moves too and am just not ready for some of those moves ;0)
Well I have earrings ~ thats a start
my daughter bought me the biggest pair she could find for a mothers day present and they are officially my Ceroc earrings.

I even have the shoes, special dance shoes with the flared heel and the suede sole, ankle strap and glittery too, they are fab and really comfortable!

Oh Please ~ Noooooooooo ~ watch ya back ~ see what I mean any one for Tango LOL

Have a good weekend