Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cakes for you Roses for me.

For my Dad ~ Happy Birthday ~ how old Dad ..... hmmm
No this isn't a get out, you will get your card :0)
But you like your cake so take your pick and just think you won't put on an ounce with these.
No the flowers are for me :o)
I love roses especially pink.
My daughters know the way to my heart.
catch you soon Ginny x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Back in Step Again ~ Vintage forever

Isn't she lovely
oops hang on missy thats my vintage millinery

watching the tv while adorned in vintage
ok ok easily distracted now back to business
It must be 2 years since I went to any kind of fair, now that is shocking ~ considering it used to be my business ~ I used to do antique fairs all over the south of England including regularly attending vintage textile fairs in London. I do miss doing them.
Well last Saturday I felt the call to visit one, I set off to the Vintage and Handmade Fair
and it felt really good to be back in step again.I took my eldest, youngest and little'un to a sweet olde worlde place called Chipping Sodbury (what a name) . Situated between Bath and Bristol
It was the most beautiful hot gorgeous day and the drive up to this place was a breeze and FREE parking ... unheard of!!
I have to say I have my favorite stall holder and I am completely blinkered ~ couldn't even look at anyone else until I got to Niki . The little' un loved this decorative rag doll made with love by Niki ~ she is called Mae.
She has such lovely gift idea's and ideal presents for special occasions, especially wedding and christening present ideas. Also beautiful and still practical vintage homely decorative stuff.
I love all Niki's creations, she never fails to totally impress.
Found some other great stalls too. Loved looking through some fine vintage laces and trims and fabrics, buttons, old shop stock (and I mean old, just perfect condition too) .
Isn't she sweet. Found her on Lizzie's stall. (aka Washerwomen ) Lizzie sells a large collection of vintage textiles and other related goodies and does a lot of fairs.
Samples of pristine 19th C fabrics from another fabulous stall Vintage to Victorian Sue has a shop too, which I will defo visit soon ~ see her link.
Millinery and Ribbon work
I am so glad I came across this beautiful ribbon work.
I will be using it for reference ~ I plan to create my own ribbon work
I have to say that every stall at the Vintage and Handmade Fair was beautiful . There was something for everyone, my daughter particularly liked

Lucy Bloom
Cowboys and Custard and County Cottage Chic . (see the link for Vintage and Handmade above for these and all lovely stalls that took part, they mostly have web shops too)
Next Fair is the Christmas Fair November 14th

By the way thank you to Becs of Rebecca Rose Designs who has a beautiful blog.
I am so happy to be one of your top ten fav blogs and make you smile :0) , and considering my blogging has dipped hugely in the last year this really means a lot to me so thank you so much.

and so apt .... a pretty little ladybird ...... I do love them.
catch up soon Ginny xx