Monday, 9 July 2007

It started with a wreck ..... I mean DECK !

Yuck it was time for the truly weathered deck to be remodelled, good weather encouraged the workers, SO with great gutso my hubby started to take the thing apart, note the table is still in situ ....
However some workers sat down on the job .... far to many interesting bugs to be monitoring.

Then the wood arrived .... the deck is going to be larger than before so a lot more wood.
The workers had all but vanished except muggins here.....
Oooooo my back:(

It was great to see the lovely wood finally oiled.
Then finally this weekend the sun came came out, (yep and Wimbledon Tennis Tournament even managed to end on time) AMAZING.

The deck rail was painted and the debris cleared away.
I was able to use my new chairs, put my new umbrella up, (although so far no bunting)
gather all my big cushions up get the vintage linen out,
I love old linen especially french monogrammed linen.
Old 30's hand embroidered tablecloths
and a favorite vintage Durham quilt
the pots now in situ A lovely pitcher of summer fruit Juice
A basket of fav magazines
And to top it off my magazines from the US arrived -

- Oh I think I'm hooked ....... oooo such bliss .........

Et Voila

Better make it quick, I hope that's not rain yonder ..........:)