Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Whimsical Craft

I have been busy creating for a kitchen swap at the moment so have been quite busy, but now with Easter around the corner I find I am having to put my brains together for the annual Easter Bonnet Parade too.

Its not easy you know, my daughter sees me creating and expects me to do my duty for her, which I do of course.

Each year my youngest daughter takes part in an Easter Bonnet parade competition at school. Well the year before last I really created something different. Lots of wrapped wire and pipe cleaners padded and wrapped then coiled up with a daisy tree coming out the top with lots of vintage flowers smothering the crown, it was quite a whimsical image. She came second which we were both pleased about. 1st was a birds nest on a baseball cap .....hmm.

Last year I created another whimsical bonnet, a veritable sugar fest on top of her head with a lovely little chick made from antique swans down atop a pile of chocolate eggs. The whole platform was filled with sweets and eggs for everyone to help themselves too. Of course I was also trying to sweeten up the judges too. They didn't fall for it though she didn't even come 3rd. That year a load of twigs arranged like a birds nest and just plonked on the head won.



I think I am going to do a birds nest, but not just any old birds nest. This one will be a few logs with dollops of white bird poop strategically placed, a huge egg and an ever bigger baby chick hanging over the edge - may be a golden eagle. If that doesn't get us noticed I will have to get back to the drawing board.


Friday, 16 March 2007

Calling all Mums!!

'A Mother will hold her child's
hand for a short while but their hearts forever

Just a little post to say a Happy Mothers Day for Sunday!

While looking for embellishments for other projects the other day I noticed that buried in this stash of diamante and glittery jewels there were a few of these vintage mother brooches. They really are pretty. Why can't they make things like this anymore?

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Sunny Days are on the way!

The warm sunshine was very welcome this weekend. It is a wonderful thing to be able to sit out in the garden for the first time in the year with a cup of tea, the trees tantalising us with their new buds, the birds singing louder than usual and looks like some new bird visitors too. It was just a lovely way to enjoy the afternoon and was so needed.

I bought this little picture back in the early 1970's when I was a young girl.
It sums me up completely, I loved little smocks, gingham and lace, flared jeans with patches, (hearts actually - well nothing much has changed there!) long plaits or Walton style long and bedraggled and barefoot walking in the garden on a hot summer day.
As soon as the warmer weather is here for sure I will be barefoot once again.

Another thing about good weather is that it gives me loads of energy. My workroom is almost how I would like it - still needs a tad more diy done - but nearly there. I have even sorted out a whole load of things for ebay - and I fancy making a huge art piece involving pink roses too. Woe STEADY ON .....!!

I have also been shopping on the web again, this time on a great little website which you probably already know all about - Vintage home -
THANK YOU CLARE! I have bought a lovely little box with ROSES - no surprises there then!.
It was for the work room but is in such great condition that it is on my dresser in my lounge.

These door knobs on the cupboard in my workroom have had a bit of a new look. I have stuck these big mother of pearl hand painted rose buttons on with hot glue. My heart seems to look at home now.
This is a small collection of containers in the workroom which include these old tins.
The large roses tin is a toffee tin and was found at a carboot sale for 50p a few years ago. The little lady tin was my mother in-laws, she kept it as a button tin in her sewing basket.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Tactile Art

I took part in a competition back in January - it was called Tactile Art, where the sense of touch is as important as the visual.
We all submitted photographs of our art pieces. The short-listed entries are now on show at the Bishop Otter Gallery, Bishop Otter University, Chichester, West Sussex. The great thing about this exhibition is that each piece of work is available to be touched by everyone.

This was my piece that may look familiar as I posted it in January. It is a dream to touch with crunchy sky, a silkiest, smooth undulating wavy velvet sea, and sandy bumpy, metal shore with beads galore. It is the sort of art that most exhibitions would put a sign up to say 'don't touch' but on this occasion you could have touched it til your hearts content.
The operative words being 'could have', it wasn't chosen. Oh Well that's life, now lets move on!
The judges were a Sculptor, the curator at Tate Modern and an Artist and Disability Trainer. The prize for the winner was £3000.
Well of course I was still going along to the exhibition to see what was chosen. How could I not resist. Here are a few. This is all hand made felted pea pods. I love this one.

This sculpture/ panel of a figure made of hay and plaster was great, my 2nd favourite.
A chair with loads of little toys stuck on...... not quite so impressed.
A load of blown up rubber gloves ????There was also a chair with gloves filled with water hanging below. Would probably be a big hit with the kids.
and this one went down well with my daughter. There were other items that were not worth a photograph, like the pile of stones wrapped in wool fabrics and the pile of wooden bricks (just like baby building blocks)I think the man from the Tate museum would probably like it though, well its Art isn't it?

Friday, 2 March 2007

Carol's Heart has arrived to join the party!

Carols heart came today to join the other 3, it is beautiful with a dainty vintage feel, and the sweetest twinklepink heart jewel a top ... so apt, the other side has a delicate dove and at the bottom is a lovely bead. So Pretty!! (enlarge the picture for more details )Thank you Carol. http://carolsgarden.blogspot.com/