Sunday, 30 December 2012

Snippets from Christmas 2012

 Lovely to bring my house full of visions of sugar plums again. 

Also managed to get up to London, headed off to Portabello Road in Notting Hill  first, greeted with the mulled wine stall and gratefully received as the weather was murky and miserable drizzle.

 Though I made sure that we stopped for lunch at my fav restaurant called " The First Floor" , don't be put off by the lovely setting, you can turn up ladened with shopping and big coats and will be given a lovely welcome, it costs about the same as any of the busy cafe's and restaurants all along the Portbello road, but if you want to calm down and get away from the bustle, and enjoy the setting of candle light and romance I suggest you take a look see.

  Then upstairs on the 2nd floor where the loos are you will be treated to a view of the private rooms.

 This wall is oozing with glitter, just beautiful.

Just up a road and parallel to Portabello is one of my fav inspirational places
 Rachell Ashwell Shabby Chic Shop.

Then me and my girls headed off to Knightsbridge on our way to the Victoria and Albert Museum, where incidently there is a good exhibition on the Hollywood greats and the costumes, the museum is just up the road from  Harrods Dept Store. So of course we stopped for a little photo opportunity.
The shop windows were dressed with all the Disney Princesses
 My fav's being Cinderella's Castle and her slipper in the rotating shoe .... divine!

Rupunzel with amazing hair
But Sleeping Beauty is my favorite
Happy New Year to All.