Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Kitchen Swap PART 2

I am so relieved that today I can finally hold my head up high and say that my swapping partner Angie from had received her parcel from me, and I can now share the pictures with you.
I have to say that I didn't send half as much for the swap as many others have including Angie who sent me such big collection of wonderful things. I have a lot to learn about the swaps I suppose. But I did spend a lot of time designing and making some things including this heart shaped Kitchen Plaque with a banner across the front saying 'I love my Kitchen'.

There is a PINK lolly pop.
Cupcakes, yes pink ones.
Ice cream cones.
I loved choosing the vintage fabric and especially creating the ice cream cones with the vintage jewels, then deciding where it was all going to go.

The finishing touch, well it had to have a twinkle heart!

Then there was the pinny - my theme was glamour for the kitchen and I decided on using this picture from a 1935 magazine. It is an advert for a cooker entitled 'and she can cook'

(even with a ballgown on?). I have to have one too!!
I transferred the picture on to some vintage french linen and then used some pink spotty ribbon to frame the pinny.
The final touch was a corsage brooch that can be removed if need be and is made from vintage millinery and pink vintage swans down.

I sent some china and candles too, including this little teacup and this really yummy smelling candle -if only you could smell it. If you are in England you can get them in Waitrose. I had to get one for me too, my one was called Fairy dust!

Well that brings the Swap to an end now. Thank you to Jenny from 'Everyday is a holiday' for hosting it and to Angie for being such a great swap partner. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Wash away the Winter

It's still only April and yet we have had the most gorgeous few days. It has been as warm as any summer day.

Loads of jobs were done outside.

The summer slipcovers were washed and dried on the line along with a huge quilt.
The garden table and chairs were power sprayed clean and hubby even finished the little shed that we have nicknamed the dunny because it looks like an outside loo.

For any of you international fellow bloglanders you may or may not know but as soon as the sun is out most of the British nation make a mad rush for it, sunblock in hand - the expression - mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun - comes to mind. Well forget midday - ALL DAY!

Yes a good weekend was had by all. I just hope that it keeps up for this week at least cos I have loads more quilts I could wash!!

It doesn't bear thinking about.
Just call me the washer woman, well it will take a few years to get through this lot and that's just the start of it!! So I guess I am hoping for quite a few sunny days then?

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Kitchen Swap

I took part in a Kitchen Swap back in March which was hosted by Jenny at Everyday is a holiday. My swap partner was Angie from Norththreads
I can't believe how much Angie has sent me, she is so generous.

The chenille sac was made by Angie. With the yummy pink and mint colours it proved irresistible and was commandeered by my daughter almost immediately and hangs pride of place in her room.

Hey Niki - look at that rag dolly - so that's where she ended up hmmm..... what else will I find in her room!

Included with everything is this lovely card with the sweet verse:-
Patterns of friendship- stitched with kindness, lined with understanding,hemmed with patience,trimmed with laughter.
There are some lovely candy coloured textiles here in the shape of pot holders, pinnies and an embroidered bag holder. Plenty of sewing notions to keep me busy, and a collection of kitchen linens too!
This sweet embroidered piece of linen with a Crinoline lady on is going to be made into a lavender filled cushion straight away.

A great collection of kitchenalia, including a vintage US cup measure ( I have always wanted one of those and it will sort out some of my US recipe's) and this handy cake sieve which I have never seen before. Can't wait to use it.


2 adorable tins that fit in very well in my workroom
Many of the participants for this swap have added their pics to the kitchen swap flickr on Everyday is a holiday blog.

I am itching to show you what I sent out, but Angie has not received it yet.:( I'm always the last one at the party!!

I have a pic in the side bar of an ice cream cone .... I wonder what that's for ? Here's another taster - yes I know its a heart - yes I like my twinkle hearts but it is kitchen related I promise.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Eye Candy

I love that expression EYE CANDY hmmmmm , I even love writing it!
Its a terminology that I see a lot in the blogs and is quickly becoming a favorite word in my vocabulary too.

I thought maybe a few words and lots of treats might be in order, just to welcome Easter in.

You won't put an ounce on .... I promise!

The 2 lovely cards in the basket were made by Carol of Boxwood Cottage I bought the egg card from her on Etsy, the Easter token card and the little bird were a gift from her and I was absolutely delighted with them and they have really made a beautiful display all together.
And here are some of my favourite roses for you all !
Happy Easter to all my visitors -
All over the World.

Monday, 2 April 2007

The Winner of the 2007 parade - look familiar - didn't even need the bird poop!

There were some fabulous bonnets!!!
But HEY!

Who would have thought it! We Won!
How, why, what are all words that come to mind.

If you read my last post you will realise that my daughter and I were running out of idea's.

Bird poop and huge nest did not go down well ..... she wanted pretty, delicate, colourful and full of eggs..... hmmmm just like last year. Well what could we do that was different??

A dainty little nest is held on the head with lots of pink net. The nest is filled with chocolate eggs. It has a thick velvet tree trunk coming out of the nest with roses and vines climbing up and over. Down in the trunk are many more chocolate eggs.

Hey .... the big fluffy chick from last year has returned, he is so big he is literally hanging out the nest calling for mama.

This is the back of the bonnet with more eggs to share with the class.

Below are all the lovely coloured eggs that filled her bonnet.

Well as soon as my daughter had won, off came the hat and a swarm of hungry mouths waited to have their eggs..... and then that was that they were all gone.... well for another year.