Monday, 20 September 2010

Viva La Vintage at Vintage Goodwood

 Photo004(1) If you landed from another planet you might be forgiven for wandering what time you had arrived in. war time 
Everything that is vintage in the world was happening right here and now.  Where ???? goodwood
Well not far from here in the beautiful South downs of England, a stones through from the historical Roman city of Chichester there lies a country estate of great beauty, and on this estate lives a typical English Gent.  We might call him an entrepreneur or just a plain clever chap, to the locals he is just called Lord March. You know the type,  makes things happen kind of guy, knows the right people etc. The mastermind behind the internationally acclaimed Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival, (of all classic cars and planes) and proprietor of one of the largest organic farms in the south of England.
Well this summer Lord March, together with designers Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway created a Festival like no other,celebrating 5 decades of the best of British culture from the 1940's to 1980's to include Music, Fashion, Dance, Entertainment, Food and transport.
So come on lets go back in time -
Hop on the bus for a ride back in time to a place called Vintage Goodwood. 
We caught the bus from the station ON TIME .. oh i remember going to school on one of these , (amazing, they have never been on time … not back in my day anyway ;-)  …..  This lovely old vintage Bus came from the Stratford Blue Fleet.
We were encouraged to dress up vintage style and the girls chose a 40’s flavour
Jump on, and  hang on - 
On arrival you check in and set off on a short walk through a forest on a wood chip road, as you get to the clearing you are welcomed by a huge entrance, a red carpet and paparazzi. 41355_430831292690_140857057690_5611100_847911_n
Once inside you see before you a film set style shopping street, vintage good wood
an ambitious project
shopping street at vintagePicture 721
  Oooh here are the girls again …. outside  a beautifully designed vintage clothes shop.
Beauty parlour and hair stylists were on hand to recreate your image for the day.57963_431238437690_140857057690_5622020_8209419_nPicture 734
Stop for tea at one of the many tea and coffee shops
or the good old British pub
with over 30 bars and restaurants, there was plenty of choice.
a fab cocktail lounge.
70 Art and Design workshopsPicture 729Picture 730Picture 731
dresses  recreated out of scraps  is just my thing.
Knitting bee’s 4906553181_8d8144a27d_b
Picture 733
The company Cloth kits has re- launched  - i loved making clothes for my children from there fabric/pattern kits, glad to see they are back  on the market with some trendy styles  -
Along the way was the Torch Club a war time style Night club with a dance floor and stage and live bands like the Miller band. The Tea Dance was popular, including swing, jive and ballroom dancing, and dance lessons for the uninitiated, also  variety of vintage performances from stand up comedy to Burlesque. burlesqueP1010744Photo012 P101074146847_430838222690_140857057690_5611414_6311689_n
A real deal … a Spiv – just like the  Black market dealers of the 1940’s  – with watches up his arms and his legs, and plenty of nylons for the ladies, he must have got them from the GI’s …. oooh wonder if he has any chocolate !
Picture 728
The Cinema was very popular with 34 classical movies being shown over the 3 day event.
200 classic cars, caravans and bikes
Picture 743Picture 758
   Picture 744,
Picture 760
“sisters sisters there were never such devoted sisters “
Lets not forget the music with 80 bands covering all the era's, 85 DJ's, 6 nightclubs,  even a 70’s style Disco at the Soul Casino.
There were numerous children's attractions  4888989032_646d19e7d5
Including Butlins the masters of the quintessential English family holidays since the 1940s, the red coats celebrated their rich cultural heritage by recreating a Butlin's resort in the heart of Vintage Goodwood from there Baby love disco to there children's cinema and character Olympics, all ages were entertained, there was even a sandy beach to play on with deck chairs for the parents.
OH and DRUM ROLL last but not least .. my favourite – the Vintage Fashion tents ….   With 30,000 items of vintage apparel,12 catwalk shows, there was plenty of inspiration.
lamb at vintage
Note the very handsome presenter George Lamb,  presenting in his wellies … where else in the world would you see that.  Unless you know different of course ?
Picture 750Picture 737 Picture 738 Picture 739 Picture 748   Picture 773
 Picture 740
I  seem to be favouring vintage pink*  ;-)  don’t I.
Or maybe not  so pink, I love this ivory twinkle gown.
Picture 742 Picture 747
Many family groups were kitted out right down to the vintage pram .... 47427_431264092690_140857057690_5623184_1040063_n
which i have to say is definitely a must accessory for the next time, good wood accessory

noooo not baby, the PRAM ! 

Well there is plenty of inspiration for next year …. right girls.Picture 765
The good news it that Vintage Goodwood was a roaring first year success and is coming back in August 2011. I fancy coming back as a 40’s gal, with a snood  for the hair and wiggle dress. Hmm food for thought.  Photo006
See you there !.