Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wedding Fever

Dress by Alice Temperly named "The long Twinkle Dress"

I do love a wedding and there is a biggie on the horizon, the dress is all but ready, there are 2  cakes,the guest list is huge, the flowers are just gorgeous. All the children of the land have the day off from school, street parties are planned, dance nights are themed. The Union Jacks and bunting are coming out, it could be a lot of fun !  
Kate Middleton soon to be Princess Catherine is going to make a beautiful bride, not only is she a bright well educated girl she has excellent taste in clothes, which can only be a good thing for the fashion world. Prince William has certainly picked a lovely lady and no doubt his mother the late Princess Diana would be very proud of them both.

I know its not to everyone's cup of tea but I do love a wedding especially a Royal Wedding. I love the pageantry, the BBC reporting on every little detail, historical coaches  polished up and taken out
as they would have done for kings and queens of a bygone era.  
 Then there is the cake - what lucky Bakers received the commission of a lifetime - 
 I heard Mcvities the Biscuit makers got the order. 

Well maybe this one is a bit over the top - but hey a Prince IS getting married.
So the biggest most exciting thing for me is THE DRESS .... Well who is designing the dress !

The British designers are at the top of the list for this commission,  though I heard
 Vivienne Westward thinks Kate is not ready for her yet, so maybe we should rule this one out.

Or will it be something of the feather variety from Sarah Burton.
Well not if your a little allergic :-(
 How about Ruffles like this from the designers at Alexander Mcqueen.
 I love ruffles !
Designed at Atelier Versace  - I LOVE this !  If I had to choose I  might like this.

Or this one by Alice Temperley 
 I love the body skimming fluidity of this one with delicate ruffles fluting out below.

Or maybe a more traditional style with sweeping ruffles in satin and organza by Conceptual.

But this one with the popular pleating is just beautiful by Blumarine ... maybe this one
Or how about this one from the Atelier Versace
I mean  with all this choice does it have to be white.
Well Yes, I have made my decision I am wearing this one by Ralph Lauren ....
Oooops  its not me getting married is it ... right what to wear as a guest then..

Designed by Rina di Montella this is so elegant, good enough for the bride or bridesmaids.


I love the way this fits - smooth tight lines like a corset.
Then who could resist pink ruffles from Alice Temperley,
However I could resist the high price tag  
 I think I could settle for this pale blue little number from Wraponline, and maybe ruffle up a pair of shoes to match,

 Yes there is one little hitch ..... WHAT !  ..... I am not invited to the wedding,......   ooooh poo

Ok me and the hat  will just have to sit in front of the TV.

with the biscuits !!

A limited Edition Biscuit Tin filled with iced biscuits. Priced at £40.00 from Biscuiteers 
So roll on 29th April  - I am setting the tea table buffet party style so that the family can help themselves to any food, or drink as I am unavailable (yes you all heard)  ... I am watching TV all day (and not answering the phone !)  ...   yes some might say "how sad" , I  really don't care !!      

I do love a Royal Wedding !!!
Designer Alice Temperley ~ fit for a Princess