Wednesday, 24 January 2007

At last a Project finished!

Well I have reached the deadline and have finished my project.
I work in textiles using free machine and hand embroidery and have created a seascape entitled - The Blue Yonder – using velvets and silk waste.

I started with some plain white velvets and then dyed the fabric. A great book to refer to is 'Dyeing in plastic bags'. I use the processes in this book although I use this big tray and dye the fabrics out flat.

I love colour, vibrant or palest hues. I dye my fabrics for complete control of colour much like a painter.

Eventually I got the colours right and then came the fun part, piecing the bits together and then the free machine embroidery. The piece below has wadding and wool as a batting and has been quilted down with stitch.
The sand and surf were created next using a variety of techniques and then the sky - a little more complicated than first anticipated was finally ready.

Alright now without further ado I nervously present -

The Blue Yonder
Phew..... now I really need to tidy up the mess I have created from this project.

Friday, 19 January 2007


Just look at her, she flew in today, beautifully packed. My Valentine fairy has been especially made for me with a rosy heart by Niki - .

She is ADORABLE thank you so much. I love her outfit and halo with rosebuds. What I find so sweet are the tiny little perfect heart shaped lips. You are clever Niki!

She looks like she was meant to be on my quilt dresser, but what's this, all is not well in this perfect fairy kingdom
( don't worry I'm not away with them just yet).

Alas with all this attention bestowed on the Valentine fairy the Spring fairy is rather heavy of heart!
Or rather I have given her a christmas heart bauble to hold in readiness for her new friends arrival.
She shouldn't worry she looks adorable too and no doubt I shall be collecting a few more seasonal fairies over the coming year.
What about birthday fairies Niki?
Now back to reality .... got a hundred and one things to do, finish my art piece, start another project, feed the children, clean up the kitchen, do the washing up, watch the clock so that my son gets off to swimming training in time, vacuum up, pick up my older daughter from the station ... am I starting to tire anyone else out yet because just writing this is doing me in....... blah.......ugg.

Sunday, 7 January 2007



Here are some of my hand made bags / totes  from antique English Quilts and 1930's 40's Eiderdown fabrics which I have enhanced with creative embroidery.

Having been sorting out my workroom for the last week, I am now coming up for air and realise the problem is much worse than I thought!!


I have unfinished heart samples all over the place and vintage cutter quilts waiting for me, half given up hope on me ever reinventing them again into something wonderful.
Over the past few years I have sold  quite a few home accents including bags and cushions. But having  decided to pursue a City and; Guilds in Textile Art and Design I then ended up with pile of projects on hold.
Below are a few of  my commissions including this huge cushion cover and bucket bag. They are all made with vintage and antique  fabrics and quilts.

I like to included applique hearts on the totes and cushions because hearts are a sign of love and a lot of love went into the product.

I always promised myself I would make myself some huge cushions and a quilt so having unearthed all these smaller projects that is what I will do.


Here is a taster of some Textile Art Work.

Both are a water theme. The first is microscopic snowflakes using image transfer on linen and a lot of stitch incorporated within a light box.

This vase is made with silk and silk waste using a technique called acetate & acetone.

Monday, 1 January 2007

It's a New Dawn its a New Day its a New Life and I'm Feeling Good ..

( think that is how the song starts - now enter the loud music - )
1st January 2007 came in with a bang. A Clear night and the moon is nearly full.
The sound of fireworks could be heard everywhere taking over the peace of the village . Added to this was a spectacular display being shown on the TV from the London Eye on the Thames with Big Ben overlooking the show. I'd love to be there next new year.
14 years ago it used to be a very quite affair in this village, no fireworks only the sound of the ships and the boats fog horns in the harbour and out in the Channel, bringing in the new year. I love the fireworks, but I used to love listening out for the fog horns too.

The clearest blue skies over the South of England and the flag flies in a gentle breeze. (sorry to my Scottish and Welsh relatives and my best Irish Friends - I don't have your flags - another new year resolution ... )

The cat has found a lovely warm spot in the garden, it was not cold in the morning at all. But by the late afternoon we had hailstones and black skies - typical!
The first job of the day, to put the arm back on my daughters doll, The inner socket has crumbled away but remembering my new year resolutions I got on to the job straight away!! I then went off to find the hot glue ....... eeuuuuuuu.
I did find it, and hopefully it will do the job for a while. The next task was this awful mess in my workroom....... that's going to take more than a day to do. I WILL RETURN...... and as Scarlet O'Hara said in the film 'Gone with the Wind' - I'll think about that tomorrow....but for the moment let me return to the prettier things in life. Setting the table for our first new year dinner.
Happy 2007