Monday, 27 April 2009

Altered Apron Part 2 ~ THE REVEAL

Stephanie of Just a little bit Pink has received her Apron that I made for her for the Altered Apron swap that was organised by Heather and Stephanie ~( see my previous post) I was so honoured to be chosen to make an apron for Stephanies first swap on blog ~ it had to be special but it also had to suit her taste too.
So after a bit of detective work I think I came up with something that might just suit.
Here it is.

I did have a look at making something from scratch cos i do sew LOL.

But actually I had the perfect thing ~ a vintage french maids apron that I have had for a few years and always wondered what I would do with.

So I took some vintage roses fabric

and started the frou frou business lol.

Which included 2 layers of tightly gathered netting. Then I attached some pink velvet to the waitstband and made a large detachable corsage for the waistband.

and then created a rather long rectangular brooch for the pocket
(both corsage and pocket brooch can be removed so that the apron can be washed if need be)
Of course my detective work revealed a love for butterflies :0)))
Thank you Stephanie and Heather for asking me to create for this swap I loved taking part.
Best wishes Ginny xx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sweet Southern Style

Altered Apron Part 1.

It is always fun to have a little bit of escapism from our day to day lives.
So just lately I have been participating in an Altered Apron Swap.

The idea originated from my round robin pal Heather and her friend Stephanie .
I was so glad to be asked to participate because I have missed doing these swaps and the good thing was that Heather and Stephanie put a collection of bloggers together that all had similar taste therefore we were all matched very well. I SURE WAS !!!!

I was practically hitting the ceiling with excitement when I heard

Jenn of Sweet Candy Creations was making an apron for me ~
I had always wanted to have Jenn in a partner swap for a long time. So I was extremely excited when I found out it was her. I was equally honoured to find out I was making for Stephanie ~she is new to blogging and one of the organisers of the swap so I wanted to do something extra special for her.
I was squealing with delight when I saw the postman coming up my path with my parcel. There was no mistaking who it was from ! :0)))

wrapped up in beautiful streamers and tissue

and tied with beautiful ribbon ~ what a colour ~ and the rose too.

I will keep these just like this.

Jenn had asked me what sort of thing I would like and of course I wanted something uniquely Jenn ~ I wanted her to have fun and not worry. I know what she is capable of and wanted all the whimsical, fun, innocent, frou frou, blingee Southern Charm that she could muster up.

She did not disappoint me. A beautiful Southern belle, white picket fence pocket, frou frou in the prettiest colours and bling. It is all sooo stunning and everything that I wanted ~ see my link to Jenn above because her photo's are just gorgeous and way way better than what I was able to do.

Jenn you really did make the most gorgeous apron for me, I will always remember you and all your Super Sweet Southern Style.

I promise to wear it everywhere except in the Kitchen ..... ha ha
For the apron I was making for Stephenie ...... well you will just have to wait .

ruffled and frou frou'd it with a dash of bling . Sorry just peeks at the moment.
Come back for part 2.
best wishes Ginny x