Monday, 16 March 2015

Think Pink

I love this shade of pink, I completely adore the outfit and yet I wear very little pink, preferring black and grey and leather which make me feel cosy, strong and confident with a sense of direction. 
Colours have an effect on us, pink brings out the delicate side in me,  I like to have touches of it around my home albeit a vase of flowers, textiles, quilts, or paint and wallpaper ... But not too much of it and it has to be pale vintage pink. :-)

This is what I have found on the subject of pink

Positive: Physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality, survival of the species.
Negative: Inhibition, emotional claustrophobia, emasculation, physical weakness.
Being a tint of red, pink also affects us physically, but it soothes, rather than stimulates. (Interestingly, red is the only colour that has an entirely separate name for its tints. Tints of blue, green, yellow, etc. are simply called light blue, light greenetc.) Pink is a powerful colour, psychologically. It represents the feminine principle, and survival of the species; it is nurturing and physically soothing. Too much pink is physically draining and can be somewhat emasculating.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A visit to Southend on Sea, Essex, England.

Once upon a time Southend on Sea was for many Londoners one of the great British holiday destinations of the South. Situated at the very end of the Thames estuary as it opens up to the sea it was an ideal spot to take in the sea air, the Victorians loved the place and would head off out of the grime of London in their best outfits, corsets, pantaloons, huge skirts and hats and take in the seaside. They might venture in for a paddle too, and for many years families would head off for this annual getaway with great anticipation and thoroughly enjoy themselves. The trend continued long into the 50's and 60's and am sure my father spent a few much enjoyed holidays in Southend when he was a lad.

Royalty even took up residence here, 

When I was young  places like this got passed over for the sunnier climes, cheap holidays to Spain and Greece,  anywhere that sunshine could be guaranteed. 
This place like many seaside resorts in this country became lost and neglected.
I found myself here 3 years ago as my daughter began her uni years and my first impression was that it seemed a little bit worn but with a thriving University was brimming with people. There are signs that It seems to be on the up again and now that my daughter is in her final months at Uni I decided to come and stay for the weekend.

I found this beautiful Boutique Hotel called the Hamilton at No 6 The Royal Terrace and is next door to what was once the Royal residence.  It seems that other buildings along this terrace are being refurbished which is refreshing to see as the grand buildings are beautiful.

The Hamilton is the middle building here. My room was 2nd floor ( with the blinds) and I had a view of the fair and the pier which in its self is a landmark at over a mile long and the longest pleasure pier in the world.

My picture taken on a cold February Sunday, the pic below is from the website in better conditions.

I loved my bedroom.

Below is the view sitting in my bed, all in all great views of an iconic seascape.

Breakfast was fantastic. Full English, sausage, bacon, eggs, , baked beans hash brown  ( should be fried bread to be completely authentic English, but who's splitting hairs) plenty of toast, jams tea a coffee and juices.

I will definitely return to Southend on Sea :-D 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dior - in miniature

I've been wanting to create a doll for a long while now using vintage fabrics,  maybe creating her in a papier mache construction, we will see. So today it begins, I feel inspired, not sure how she will turn out but I need to make samples and samples and samples. This  incredible work in this video  will serve to be of great inspiration to me . If you have problems viewing this amazing video below try this link to you tube.