Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dior - in miniature

I've been wanting to create a doll for a long while now using vintage fabrics,  maybe creating her in a papier mache construction, we will see. So today it begins, I feel inspired, not sure how she will turn out but I need to make samples and samples and samples. This  incredible work in this video  will serve to be of great inspiration to me . If you have problems viewing this amazing video below try this link to you tube.  

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Our tree just about fits with a squeeze - how the fairy is going to fit on the top I don't know :-o

I loved creating this lampshade this year  by hanging lustre glass from old chandeliers around the edges and coating the frame with german glass glitter, to finish I draped some beaded lights around the edge, it looks so pretty on the marble cupboard. I also found some lovely little twinkle trees this year and they sit beautifully with the little fairy that I bought from the same lady last year ( Betty and Violet - online shop selling handmade and vintage)
 I love opening up my Christmas decorations to find some old favs like these bejewelled cones, little houses and the old wise snowy owl.

 This year I took some inspiration from the local garden centre, but to be fair I could not see the wood for the trees, just too many flowers, but it may grow on me ... excuse the pun :-)

 I absolutely loved the pink cone tree -
 I was given a lovely Christmas bouquet of flowers yesterday

 And a beautiful hand made card - especially adorable as the creator was my little grand niece - only 1 year old :-)
 2 tired girls waiting for Christmas
  and if I didn't have enough to do I have some idea's  for the dining table -

Best wishes to all that have followed me over the last 8 years and welcome to all that are new visitors and introducing the latest editions to our little gang - twins little Miss Santa- ess and Little Mr Elf
Merry Christmas to all.
and best wishes for 2015
Ginny xx