Thursday, 25 December 2014

Our tree just about fits with a squeeze - how the fairy is going to fit on the top I don't know :-o

I loved creating this lampshade this year  by hanging lustre glass from old chandeliers around the edges and coating the frame with german glass glitter, to finish I draped some beaded lights around the edge, it looks so pretty on the marble cupboard. I also found some lovely little twinkle trees this year and they sit beautifully with the little fairy that I bought from the same lady last year ( Betty and Violet - online shop selling handmade and vintage)
 I love opening up my Christmas decorations to find some old favs like these bejewelled cones, little houses and the old wise snowy owl.

 This year I took some inspiration from the local garden centre, but to be fair I could not see the wood for the trees, just too many flowers, but it may grow on me ... excuse the pun :-)

 I absolutely loved the pink cone tree -
 I was given a lovely Christmas bouquet of flowers yesterday

 And a beautiful hand made card - especially adorable as the creator was my little grand niece - only 1 year old :-)
 2 tired girls waiting for Christmas
  and if I didn't have enough to do I have some idea's  for the dining table -

Best wishes to all that have followed me over the last 8 years and welcome to all that are new visitors and introducing the latest editions to our little gang - twins little Miss Santa- ess and Little Mr Elf
Merry Christmas to all.
and best wishes for 2015
Ginny xx

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Living the Vintage

Where fashion trends change and move on I am always amazed to find that old linen and lace and living the vintage is alive and kicking and still trending with a lot younger crowd now. Over 15 years ago I was doing the fairs in London and surrounding counties. I loved old linen, lace, quilts anything in the textile line.

English Durham quilts and cushions on an antique french Corbeille bed

1930's Eiderdown quilts

My number one fav quilt in my collection is this Allendale English Quilt
I am always in awe of the time and effort that was taken to hand stitch these quilts and to keep them in good order like this for over 100 years.
 My children looked down on my collections and could not understand the term Vintage or Shabby as anything could be regarded as Chic. But now they are bandering around the word vintage like its only just arrived on the circuit .... Darlings your behind the times .... now I feel old .... my own email has had vintage in the name for more years than I like to even imagine. I am so glad we are all on the same page now. I love vintage ! even the name evokes excitement and its nothing to do with wine.

PS. I also love the word Vintique ... I guess my vintage is now just that.

The following pictures in this post were taken in August  this year at the Country Brocante in Wisborough Green, near Petworth, West Sussux. For many many years I always found the best fairs to be around Bath, Somerset, and Wiltshire area's but was so pleased to have found this group of happy sellars right on my doorstep.

This stall is called Hesta Nesta ( I think) - one of my favs along with Betty and Violet.
I'm sorry I don't have more info on these stalls, it was such a success that we could hardly move around the venue,  and it was difficult to get the names of them all. Love Lane Vintage ( on facebook)  run these fairs and there will be a lovely Brocante at Petworth House, West Sussex coming this Christmas, which they say will have a lot more room to manoeuvre.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Chichester Arts Trail in May - Arise your Tangles Sweet Spring

Arise your tangles sweet spring

 I am taking part in The Chichester Arts Trail  - 3rd 4th and 5th  and the 10th and 11th of May.
Artists all around the Chichester area in west sussex,  a very pretty part of  the countryside on the South Downs of England will be opening up there private studio's and workspaces for you to peruse their work for sale and see the journey they have made with their art. Full details are  here

A taster of all the artists can be seen  at the preview art exhibition at the Oxmarket Arts Centre, St Andrews Court, Chichester until April 27th.

It is quite a shock to look back on my work and see that it has been a long time since I created anything of any note. Things happen and I had turned away from my art. But this year a good friend threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to get back to the board and join her and exhibit  on an Arts Trail.
She is an award winning artist who favours nude compositions, she creates fabulous work. So I was honoured to be asked. 

I am naturally nervous about all of this. There will be a varied selection of artists on the trail, painters, sculptors, jewellery makers and Mixed media.  I am more of an ethereal mixed media artist, I am mostly inspired by artists like Klimt, and Monet, historical themes, the Renaissance / pre raphaelite but I also love nature and the seasons.
I plan to show  the journey I have made with my art from my beginnings in creative embroidery with my textile art,  like this seascape worked in hand dyed velvets and silks, plastics and metal and then fresco style practicing with felts and papers.
The Blue Yonder worked with velvets, silk, metal and plastic
A homage to Klimt - Stiched Fresco on felt and paper of The Lovers
My fav so far - A Journal of collages  with the theme of  Marie Antointette
 I will also be displaying a fabulous themed journal I created alongside fellow bloggers whom I  joined forces with on blog back in 2007 / 08.

The piece at the top of this post was inspired by Spring and worked with threads, antique fabrics and embellishemnts, metals and melted plastics.
The title 'arise your tangles sweet spring' depicts the dead  dark tangled lost roots of winter and the rising of fresh new colour and growth that comes with spring, new birth, new hope of greater things to follow that come with the the magnificent strength of the full technicolour of summer.

 I hope that my journey will inspire other creative minds to have a go at art and see where it takes them. 
Ginny x