Saturday, 21 June 2008

Yes Son ~ your my TOP GUN

For the first time ever I think I have just spent an evening home with my young son, just us, all alone, everyone was staying over someone elses, he had just come back from a busy day of competitive swimming, I cooked him his dinner, we curled up on the sofa and then he announced that we must watch TOP GUN - oK - i'm up for anything nowadays so lets watch.

Apparently it is his favourite film and he says he MUST have a pair of shades just like the pilots- and he MUST have the music too - LOL he is only 11.

Mind you I like the shades too and of course a man in uniform helps the image along and of course Tom has to be in the mix too.

He's not wanting a career flying the skys me wonders ?


Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Queen Bee

With all the gorgeous weather and a glorious garden to enjoy we seem to head out to have a BBQ quite regularly now.

Well it has been a bit hit and miss but here we have the newly crowned BBQ Queen. Yes it all happened here, after a couple of trys I have to admit that I had the best BBQ in 3 years. Getting the fire right was a bit of a hit and miss, smoking out the neigbours not to mention the birds nesting in the hedges LOL
But with a little help from Uncle E and Grand pa pa this latest Barbie has to be magnifico!!

Yes I think youngest agree with the oldest here ~ Super!!

And the Deck which was remodelled last year with a little help can finally be used to its full capacity.

Last year the weather was so bad to even get a chance to use the deck properly

so finally it gets a christening.