Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Yes Virginia there really is a Santa Claus

The power of blog and all the little santa's can read blog too - so thank you 2 u , thank you 2 u 2, thank you, and thank you xxxx .... i shall smell plesureable for ever more thank goodness ha ha The tree takes the theme of the Snow Queen - with clear glass, silver and rhinstone ornaments.

Old favorites - Holly from HollyDoodles made this Crown for me a couple of years ago and it stands proud on top of my tree
a new pink fluffy wreath and i have added sadie lou's gorgeous betseys

this one looks so peaceful

and below more betseys have been added to this wreath Wouldn't be Christmas with out Rudolph
back soon with some christmas vignettes.
Merry Christmas
Ginny x

Friday, 18 December 2009

The bets are on for a White Christmas

The bets are on for a white christmas here in the UK. One man has bet £1 million that it does snow on Christmas Day and if he wins he gets £14 million. hmmmm I don't think so ... we may be faking it like the pic above (from Vakre magazine).
..... but its not Christmas yet and so can't count.

I came back from dancing last night in a flurry of snow - and by the morning there was a thick blanket of beautiful white snow. So as the British always say it won't last though .

Anyway thought i would share this gorgeous magazine with you - yes its is a Scandinavian magazine and i cannot understand a thing in it LOL - but the pictures of interior homes and ideas in this magazine are always beautiful and inspiring - they are predominantly white and grey interiors with a splash of colour -
the christmas stockings trimmed in fur are very festive and popular this season

and love the image and the script on this cushion
I love the fur trimmed cones - i must do one like this

slip covered tub chairs make this scene look so cosy
silvered balls all grouped together
I love all these festive images
Vakre is one my favorite magazines i wish they would translate it so i could actually read it too (blush :-0)
Oh well off i must go and creative some of my own
Ginny x

Sunday, 6 December 2009

This Christmas

It'll probably be raining here .... again.
But my daughter and her young family have jetted off to sunny South Africa for 4 weeks -
its summer there, but this autumn and before the rain put a damper on things we were able to spend some days out together and that included trying out the new bike that little un got for her birthday.

This stately home is on my doorstep.

and has lots of lovely walks all around it which you can enjoy for free.

Walled gardens - you can imagine how this garden would have looked in the 19th Century - stocked to the gunnels with vegetables and flowers - the trees beyond are where the fairy rings can be found. However nosey parker thought maybe this was her new home and wanted to explore so off she went its a pity she can't read yet ;-)

Yes that means you too!

be back soon with a visions of lovely ness - well my christmas nest - (what's left of it) :-)

Love Ginny xx