Monday, 10 August 2009

This 'll make you smile

My friend knows how to make me laugh (wink) ~ do you notice the odd one out. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, 3 August 2009

Frou Frou and frills ~ its a Christening !

The Lil miss had a beautiful dress made for her it was a huge frou frou ball of loveliness with a bodice of peach velvet flowers, butterflies on the hem and little bells in the inner skirt But lil miss was late for her own christening ~ she refused to put the dress on ! took 10 minutes !! She ran around the church yard like a right little tom boy getting caught on all the rose bushes.
Swift left arm action and frou frou dress is saved and so are the rose bushes.Ooooooh ducky .... ooops whats he doing with that water ??

Slightly alarmed when the pardre came out with a flask of steaming water ~ was he about to take off for a cuppa ~ after all the little un had dropped quite a few hymm books on the stone floor of the beautiful ancient church enjoying all the echoes, not to mention running up and down the aisle and throwing her self down in front of the alter enjoying the layers of petticoat parachuting around her .... hmmm but all was revealed when he took the flask to the font
The point at which water meets head ~ but take a close look ~ in little hand sits little duck ~ little duck used to live in the font ~ oooops Mum and Dad make this quick I've got places to go people to see
at last got rid of the gown and now i can relax
Well it wasn't long before one too many obstacles got in the way and dress gave way to comfort, now what would everyone think if we all decided to take this stance at gatherings. Toddlers just have way too much confidence sometimes. lol.
OK You get the drink (whats left of it) if I get my ball back ~ otherwise no deal ~ now don't mess with me ok ~ I may look cute but I have power !!
the cutest cake
They came from far and wide, as far as South Africa and America to attend the christening of little miss. The hardend godfathers sat back with a drink or 2 and shared tips with the newly appointed god parents, and all the while waited on by all the ladieeeees lol.
one of the long standing godfathers ~ ;-)) finishing the tirimsu

Four Generations of us females ~ :0)) Yes what a handful LOL
And the really good thing about this dress ~ Once it was way too small.
Sat in my wardrobe with its labels on for a few years much to the displeasure of all, that I should even keep something that doesn't fit all this time, Now I find it is toooo big but soooo pretty, I wore it anyway and although baggy at the back I love it. So glad I held on to it all those years.

( heavily trimmed with sequins and stones in pink and green)
Twinkle Pink ;-)

be back soon Ginny x