Thursday, 15 January 2009

Snow and Valentines

First the snow. First look out of the morning .... unbelieveable!

For posterity
I want to randomly
add some pictures
here for family
that didn't get to share
in our hilarity,

Would like to add that it rarely snows down here on the South Coast,

around 2 whole days with blizzards galore sent over by the Russians. So this is our little siberian photo log of the last few days.

Any cars that ventured on the hill ... well more fool them. They came they saw and they slide right back down the hill again.


first timer to snow and she's not having ANY OF IT!!
Don't you people get it NO!!!!
no no no no no no no NO!


Ahhh thats better, all smiles again.

Strike a pose.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, thought I would share my heart .... or hearts .

It is ok I am nodding the day in with respect even though it gets completely over commercialised, with expensive cards, flowers and chocolates.
But remembering the credit crunch and homemade is best I thought I would share a few hearts with you that I have created over the last couple of blog years.

Last year I made 21 tags for a swap .... phew now that was hard going, but if you are inspired - click here for that post

Happy Valentines Day All!