Wednesday, 28 May 2008

SHE ~ me way back when

As my round robin takes on a frantic pace to reach deadlines for the end of July, I turn to Marie Antoinette once again and thoughts of beautiful France and in particular memories of Paris, not everyone likes such a busy city but there is so much to see and Paris has a little je ne c'est qui, je pense ~ magic.

20 years ago today I set off to France with my new husband to see all the sights of Paris and explore Versailles, we had a candle lit dinner on the Seine, visited the moulin rouge - Formidable!! and of course I shopped til I dropped. The weather was not so good, little windy an oohh la la my skirt blew up much to the amazement of the Paris traffic.

(excuse the quality of pictures and me )
I was particularly taken by Versailles and the poignant story of Marie Antoinette and the french revolution. Who would have thought all these years later I am creating all in the name of Marie Antoinette. To me it was a beautiful palace although some what empty of original furniture from the time. I hear that more furniture of the era is now in situ and more rooms to visit.

(this is a new room that I have not seen yet)

I would love to go back to see it again and I would definitely walk the long walk around the grounds and the tuilleries

I cherish my memories of this time, I am such a romantic but one day I shall return.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Here's Looking at you Kid !

Monitoring the stats at the bottom of my post I can see I have more than 45,166 visitors to my blog since I started it just over a year ago. It is interesting to see how many people visit my little English blog from literally all over the globe, I try to put great pictures up on here as you probably don't all understand English being as far away as Brazil, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Japan to Australia , lots from Sweden and Norway, and the USA. I have to say my biggest fans seem to be in the USA may be I was meant to be a US gal.

But you know apart from my own close family I don't tell anyone about my blog, except you lot and flickr. I wonder why that is, well I suppose it is a private and personal space that appeals to certain types looking for a little bit of artful whimsy, beauty, innocents, escapism, inspiration, and I would rather you found me on blog because you liked what I do.

Lots of you show pictures of yourselves but I never have and many of you have wondered who it is that produces all this creative stuff. Well today I am going to reveal me and the family that inspires me and makes me keep going against all the odds.

I am a mother of 4 and just have my last 2 youngsters - my twins - to see through to adulthood ~, and when my work is done I can sit back and let them all look out for me.
Funny how life revolves

Me and the cubs today ~:0))) (say what ??) HA HA

Well if I ever got reincarnated I would come back as a tigress!! Some say I am one already :)))

This beautiful tigress sits with her sweet little ligers - imagine that ~ crossbred with a lion.

and here's the Daddy ~ oooh I could hug him all day, what a gorgeous Daddy to watch out for them.

Any way I wouldn't tease you that much - so this is my brood today, and we are doing ok.

who's that Baby in every frame ?

Well here is my son-in-law with my beautiful baby granddaughter ~ you can see she takes up all our time ~ and is adored as she deserves to be and we wouldn't have it any other way.

and NEW FLASH her bunny is doing ok too :0))

(picture courtesy of Jenn at Sweet Eye Candy Creations)

By the way, ALL my music from my playlist is dedicated to my children (who have chosen some of it anyway) and the wonderful human beings who have literally come out of the woodwork to raise me up to a brighter place - XX

Ok this is me today - I might smile tomorrow - well it's another day LOL

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel !!!!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Kentucky Derby Hat Swap and Junque in my Trunk Swap finale

Presenting my final whimsical Swaps

News Flash - I came in 3rd at the Kentucky Derby - Ya Hayyyyy!!!!

The Kentucky Derby Hat Swap

The back

I think she approves
The Kentucky Derby Hat Swap was the great idea of Bristol of Cottage by the River go over to her blog and see links to all the other contestants, there is sure to be a load of inspiring hats.My partner was the very talented Adla of Vintage Delights - Hope you like it Adla

The Junque in my Trunk Swap

The Junque in the trunk swap was hosted by the wonderful Heather of Pretty Petals and I was so very pleased to find out that my partner was Cheryl of Rosy Posy Confections

Cheryl you have been so patient with me, thank you for that x.

My inspiration came from the film Spiderwick.

Having just seen the film Spiderwick with my children, the family in the film were a little to close to reality, but the bond that kicked in when I shared a loving, knowing, look to my son warmed my heart so much and we all laughed at the similarities. It is a lovely film and don't we always have goblins around to mess up everything, however the fairies saved the day and inspired by them, I thought a magical flowering sewing box would be just the treat for Cheryl.

Here is the Cheryl's magical flowering trunk ~

The box is covered in vintage roses fabricribbon and tassels around the lida twinkle butterflyvintage millinery and tule and big velvet pink pad pin cushion attached and filled with lavender

Cheryl sent me this gorgeous painted trunk with G on the front especially for me
lots of wonderful trimmings, buttons, flowers.Even the inside is decorated.

We were an easy couple to match because everything Cheryl liked I did too. I hope she likes the sewing trunk. I will keep the goodies hidden for the moment ;0)

I can't wait to show you a very special item but will wait until Cheryl has seen it first.It's on it's way to you and thank you for your patience.

So that's all Folks

- I am bringing the curtain down on my swaps now, I have done a few over the year and thoroughly enjoyed them all and am so glad that I ended with 2 that were just up my street.

I have a few commissions to do now and will still be creating with my round robin pals either here or on flickr - so make sure you pop by again.

Just say hello, whatever language I know you are all out there X