Saturday, 7 April 2007

Eye Candy

I love that expression EYE CANDY hmmmmm , I even love writing it!
Its a terminology that I see a lot in the blogs and is quickly becoming a favorite word in my vocabulary too.

I thought maybe a few words and lots of treats might be in order, just to welcome Easter in.

You won't put an ounce on .... I promise!

The 2 lovely cards in the basket were made by Carol of Boxwood Cottage I bought the egg card from her on Etsy, the Easter token card and the little bird were a gift from her and I was absolutely delighted with them and they have really made a beautiful display all together.
And here are some of my favourite roses for you all !
Happy Easter to all my visitors -
All over the World.


andsewtosleep said...

I love that pink chicken sitting on those eggs. Happy Easter to you too. Mary

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Easter to you too.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Beautiful pictures!

I especially like that pink chicken too! :)

Happy Easter to You!!

ArtsyMama said...

Definitely EYE CANDY!! Love it all. Love the expression too. Find myself using it all the time. Love all your Easter goodies:)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny,
"Happy Easter to you and your family!"
Thanks for the eye candy! - very pretty and inspiring....your little lamp is adorable.
Carol is a very clever girl too.

Niki x

Lallee said...

Gorgeous eye candy. I feel well fed. LOL Happy Easter!


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

Thanks for sharing those LOVELY pic's! HaPpY EaStEr to you... Debbie =)

Anita said...

Dear Ginny! I enjoyed all your Easter eye candy and your are right, what a lovely expression. It reminds me of a trip to Morocco some years ago. Our French guide often said: "Pour le plaisir des yeux" which means almost the same.

Happy Easter to you and your family!
XOX, Anita

Annabelle said...

Hi Ginny,

Love all the Easter candy and I especially adore your cupboard the pink chicken on the tea cup and the lovely rose lamp.

Happy Easter
Luv Annabelle

Tracy said...

What a lovely Easter collection - and you were right - i do not feel any heavier!!
Hope you are having a sweet Easter.
Tracy x

Carol said...

Happy Easter to you dear Ginny! Ha that's funny cause I did an eye candy post as well and I love that expression too! It's so nice to see my creations in your beautiful Easter decorations and thank you su much for the mention! Hugs Carol xox

purple cucumbers folk art said...

Come on over to see my mini dolls.I have been creating my dummy for my cook book.

Angel Jem said...

Mmm Eye candy... & all calorie free, too! Thanks & Happy Easter!

Sharon Kay said...

Love the roses and the lovely vintage setting you made. Hope you had a blessed Easter day. Now I have to think spring because we had snow on Easter day in Ohio...please think spring....

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Oh, how beautiful! Thanks for supplying the no calorie CANDY! Your pictures are so very lovely.

I can see that you absolutely LOVE Pink, just like I do! The roses are gorgeous too. Your blog is so much fun to visit,a treat for the eyes. (I know, Eye Candy!!)


Primrose Hill said...

love that little pink chicken on the egg cup, so sweet!
Hope you had a great weekend.
L x