Thursday, 10 May 2007

Well all I can say is Dis may at the weather. Mind you the garden is saying thank you so what will be will be.

We have a pair of doves nesting in our tree, they take turns sitting on the eggs - they know I'm there and seem happy enough about it.
I go to great efforts to have a no fly zone over my garden for the crows and magpies and they always flap a bit faster when they see me coming:0)
The doves seem to enjoy this spectacle, but I am sure one day I'm going to fall flat on my face.
Hanging in the tree below is this wind chime ornament - it is made from vintage spoons and forks with large glass marbles. They say wind chimes that tinkle all the time means there is love in this place. Well these lovebirds seem to have chosen well.
I must tell you about a great website of shabby chic style to shop at . I bought some gorgeous things from this lovely lady and the little gifts you see below were not the items I bought but a thank you for shopping with her. I was so thrilled with the little birds nest with eggs and some roses for collage. Can't wait to create with them. Thank you so much and I will return!
A lot of you have asked if I sell my boots and hearts that feature on the sidebar - well I do - although the ones shown have been sold or even swapped (but they can give you an idea of what I like to make) and at the moment I make to commission and word of mouth. I plan to put some on Etsy and would love to get a website sorted out - maybe in the near future.

I love making ornaments and sachets that have meaning behind them.
It makes them even more special. The lucky victorian boots make great Wedding tokens, the hearts are a sign of love and friendship as with the hand shown in the pic above (haven't tried to make that one though) and the ballet style boots are a big hit with dancers and the younger generation or anyone who likes the delicate ballet style.

Everything is made using vintage and antique fabrics usually English and French. However the ballet ones are made from vintage German roses cotton (my favourite at the moment - the quality of the fabric is great) and I use a modern linen from Cabbages and Roses too.

The logo is an idea that came from and we are free to use it on our blogs as a way of promoting handmade items.
Lets face it many of us have a lot of mass produced in our homes but to prevent it turning into a catalogue home a little bit of handmade can inject warmth and spirit leaving us with a home and not a sterile living space.
Well ya know that's just my opinion :0))


Ragged Roses said...

Doves in your garden, so much more romantic than the seagulls in mine! Just to make it worse we also have magpies! But the bluetits make up for it. Love the windchime. Good luck with the Etsy shop - I'm sure you'll do really well.
Kim x said...

Thanks for the idea about using the symbol, I'd love to see it popping up everywhere. I seem to have a disability when it comes to adding those kinds of things though. I'll keep the info and add it when I can get a friend over here to help. thanks!! said...

hi,i love your ballet shoes and the doves,it must be lovely to listen to them and in your own garden,when i can i will also try and add the logo you have,best wishes ann.

Marie said...

I can imagine your love birds cooing to each other as they wait for their eggs to hatch. Hope that you soon have some chicks to watch.

I saw this logo on Elfie & Me, but have still to work out how to add it to my blog!

Marie x

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Ginny! Thank you so much for mentioning frenchgardenhouse, that is so sweet of you.

I would encourage you to start an etsy shop, I am sure that your beautiful things will just fly out!
(I can't wait!)

Thanks for the Mothering Sunday wishes~ wishing you a lovely weekend!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH I love everything at the French Garden House! Sooo pretty!

I love your little boots and would love to buy one! I love the ones that are the 7th ones down on your side bar, with the pink and white fabric..SOOO cute! Will you be able to make more of those? Here is my email...

Thanks, Heather

Clare said...

Hi Ginny,

Yes, we have had rather a lot of rain lately haven't we? But everything is looking lovely and green now!

We have some love-struck doves in our garden too - although our naughty black cat Dennis is interested in them for other reasons..!

I love your boots that you make, they're beautiful! I couldn't agree more about having individual homes and the best way to have one is to have things handmade and from vintage fabrics! Oh how I wish I could sew!!!

Clare x

Lilli said...

That's a clever windchime. It's amazing what people dream up to make. I bet it sounds wonderful :)

the flour loft said...

We also have a pair of collared doves who visit our garden...i love the cooing they make.
I also love your pink bahamas bag at the textile art post .. it's so so beautiful. The colours and the textures are gorgeous. Are you working on any other arty projects?

ginny x( the other one )
thanks for your comment too

Nerissa said...

What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing the link to the store and the "homemade" button. That's something I'll have to add to my blog.
Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I just started my Esty shop. Good luck with yours.

FourSistersInACottage said...

Hello Ginny,
I just found your blog tonight and I must say I am twinkled pink to have found you. If it's okay with you I am going to add you to my favorite blogs to read.
Your stuff is DARLING!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny,
Well the rain is STILL falling, but the garden looks sooo green. I am sure your Collared Doves are happy.
Hope you manage to set up an Etsy shop soon....I would LOVE to visit! You handmades are delightful.
I shall have to add the logo too.
Happy Sewing!
Niki x

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She'sSewPretty said...

You have such a cute blog. I am having so much fun reading your posts.

Judy said...

This is my first visit and I guarantee I will visit often. Thanks for mentioning the Frenchgardenhouse. I just visited and yes I bought. That was fun!! I love your "handmade" things and hope you do an Etsy shop soon so I can buy something lovely from you

Carol said...

Oh Ginny just go and open an Etsy shop now! It's so easy to do and I'm so sure people there will love your gorgeous vintage creations! Your victorian shoes for instance are so dreamy and beautiful *sigh*
Well about that damn rain you island people had to suffer under, I just cross all my fingers for you that it will stop immeadiately!!! Carol xox