Monday, 17 March 2008

Remember Me

Well you might wonder where in the world I have been lately. .

This mug definitely prompted this post ~

Thank you to Lidy of The French garden house for stocking such pretty stuff oh and the sweet little bird nest is just in time for Easter thank you for including it!!

Well everything is happening all at once here and as the saying goes ~ you can wait for a bus all day and then 2 turn up at once or 3 or 4 LOL. I have 2 weddings imminent, a house upside down with decorating (that has been on going since September :0((( family visiting, new school for the kids to sort out for September. Oh and browsing websites and Etsy ~ that all takes time you know LOL.
I asked my sweet round robin friend Holly of Holly Doodle Designs to recreate one of her fabulous 'love lives here' nesting boxes.

She creates such magic and the colours are just beautiful, well she even included some extra millinery for me as I find it so difficult to get hold of. I know this stuff is as precious to you Holly so thank you so much for sharing ~ you have a wonderful heart!
Rhea from Miss Rhea creates some beautiful little creations too, I bought a little ballerina in a tea cup and this little box below, not to mention some cute little domes that will be put with my whimsical Easter display.

In fact I had to check what I had ordered as I could not believe all the extras, just look at it all. I think she must be physic as I have been looking for paper bells all over the place and the cards and ruffle are just gorgeous. LOOK at the little tag too!Thank you so much, you have a huge generous heart.
The Easter Bunny has arrived!!

Oooooo Sadie Lou where would I be without yooooooou!
see all Sadie's lovely creations HERE

This package arrived the other day, it seems a shame to open it.
Heather at Pretty Petals Boutique has some great hats for sale ~ well just in time for the Easter Bonnet parade I choose this beautiful pale blue creation ~ I love the ruffle round the edge.You might be wondering if I have been creating of late ~ well a sweet lady on the blog asked me to create a framed collage of Marie Antoinette in a paper doll style for her.

More detail here on FLICKR

Lets hope I don't leave it too long for the next post ;0)


Scrappy Jessi said...

what beautiful things today!!!
i love everything!!!
so dreamy!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh such gorgeous eye candy

Lori said...

well this was certainly worth waiting for:) what gorgeous goodies you have shown us today...i just adore Holly's little nesting boxes and the millinery she sent you is TDF!!! i love Heather's beautiful hat creations too, i just ordered one of her little doll~sized very cute...and Miss Rhea makes the sweetest little things!!!

the Marie creation you made by request is truly breathtaking!!! you do such lovely work!!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What an amazing Marie collage!!!! Everyone needs to see this!!!

Natasha Burns said...

OH my gosh Ginny your creation is amazing!!! Jenn is going to love that to pieces!!!
All those beauties you've been getting in the mail are to die for!!!

debbie said...

glad you're back =) i keep checking. sounds like you've been super busy. i simply ADORE all of the photos of your pretties. however, me being the lampaholic that i am, noticed a ruffled lamp shade in one of the photos. do you make those? i need one - lol! if not, would you mind telling me where you purchased it? thanks bunches, debbie

Hummingbird Chats said...

It is great to see you back. Beautiful display, I agree with scrappy jessi, I too love everything. Katie

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Ginny!!! I have been missing you. :(

I am so glad to see you posting again! What gorgeous pretties on here today! I am so thrilled you loved your sweet little blue hat. :))

xoxoox heather

p.s.- I need to get moving on Holly's book! I hope to do some work in it over this easter weekend. I think I am supposed to send to you next. :)))

Sadie Lou said...

Miss Ginny,
You are too kind--too kind. I *LOVE* your Marie Antoinette Piece--My goodness.
Absolutely stunning.
Look at my Easter Bunny Betsy in your cute egg cup!
Did you get the Spring Box yet?

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

i forgot to say that your marie collage is so so so gorgeous!!!!

Amybella said...

Wow...your Marie is so beautiful! The colors and materials used are simply scrumptious!!

Pinkie Denise said...

I just love your Marie Antoinette she is so beautiful, you did a great job, I sure your customer is going to love
it, I do thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

So many lovely things, Ginny.
Your Marie A. collage is just stunning - she is one lucky lady. I love every little detail.

Hope you enjoy the weddings,
Take care,
Niki x

CAMILLA said...

Everything so absolutely beautiful here today, such a joy to visit and all simply divine.


Anonymous said...

So many beautiful things at your place, as usual. Now to see where you have been shopping!

Clare said...

Hi Ginny, what some wonderful treasures - your Marie Antoinette collage picture is beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the forthcoming celebrations - and have a wonderful Easter!

Clare x

Lucy Bloom said...

You have been a busy shopper, Ginny, and such beautiful purchases. I am in awe of some of the creations of some very talented ladies, your Marie Antionette included, it's stunning.
Hope you have a lovely Easter,
Lucy x

Carol said...

Lovely post Ginny!
I came over to let you know that I finally sent your swap parcel off on Thursday, so you should get it right after Easter and of course I like to wish you a very happy Easter weekend!
Hugs Carol xox

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So many beautiful treasures!!

Adla said...

Hi Ginny,

everythings looks beautiful! I was wondering where you were...thought you were missing in action but you've answered my question in this post hehehe browsing the web and etsy sure takes alot of time :) Anyway, hope you received my last email.

chat soon :)

Cookie sunshine said...

What a FUN blog! I am so glad to have happened by tonight.

Sending good wishes your way.

Cookie Sunshine

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

All so gorgeous!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Ginny,

So glad your mug arrived all in one piece.:) Your Marie piece is so beautiful, you are so talented.
Dreamy treasures you have been gathering. Wishing you well with all that's going on over there, and lots of sun and spring, too.
xo Lidy

LaurieStar said...

Just checking out your blog - I was in the valentine tag swap and saw your blog addy on the back - thought I'd stop by and say hello! Love all the eye candy here! :)

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hello sweet Ginny!
Im sooo ENJOYING my MA collage. She is officially hanging up in my boudoir now. :) Check out my blog later today! XOXO

Sea Angels said...

Hello Ginny how lovely to see you are posting again, I have really missed you, and all of your lovely things.
Hugs Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

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Marina Capano said...

what beautiful things !!! all so cute! I hope your visit!!!!!!!
xo xo

Maryjane said...

Hello Ginny! Wow, thanks for the visit all the way from England! I am honored! This world isn't so big after all! As always, love coming to visit your blog! I just want to stay forever! Maryjane

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh such beautiful, beautiful things. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Love Alison x

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Your Marie paper art is amazingly beautiful! Superb!

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

I love your beautiful treasures! Happy Spring!