Wednesday, 28 May 2008

SHE ~ me way back when

As my round robin takes on a frantic pace to reach deadlines for the end of July, I turn to Marie Antoinette once again and thoughts of beautiful France and in particular memories of Paris, not everyone likes such a busy city but there is so much to see and Paris has a little je ne c'est qui, je pense ~ magic.

20 years ago today I set off to France with my new husband to see all the sights of Paris and explore Versailles, we had a candle lit dinner on the Seine, visited the moulin rouge - Formidable!! and of course I shopped til I dropped. The weather was not so good, little windy an oohh la la my skirt blew up much to the amazement of the Paris traffic.

(excuse the quality of pictures and me )
I was particularly taken by Versailles and the poignant story of Marie Antoinette and the french revolution. Who would have thought all these years later I am creating all in the name of Marie Antoinette. To me it was a beautiful palace although some what empty of original furniture from the time. I hear that more furniture of the era is now in situ and more rooms to visit.

(this is a new room that I have not seen yet)

I would love to go back to see it again and I would definitely walk the long walk around the grounds and the tuilleries

I cherish my memories of this time, I am such a romantic but one day I shall return.


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Ginny, you were gorgeous in your photos from France and I know you will always treasure those memories, someday you will go back again and enjoy all of those places... xoxo Heather

Connie said...

I just found you, sweet chick!! Love your blog. Gorgeous photos, sweetpea!

Charmingdesigns said...

What a wonderful blog!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph of you! It's so dreamy~~the magic of Paris!!

Poppa said...

After weeks of searching,and no little help from the sidelines,I have eventually found your blog,and,beat the 'sign up' hurdle to comment.I find it quite delightful,and I am proud to be the dad of such a talent.In a word-STUNNING.And I am learning the words of 'She'.Lets have more!!! Love-as always.

Miss Rhea said...

How pretty you are Ginny !! I hope you and your Hubby can go back there again some day. Cant wait to see the finished books, you all are so AMAZINGLY talented !! :)

Twinkle Pink said...


At last you have signed into blog - yeah!! now I want to see you create a blog.

Glad you like the music SHE.

big kiss X

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Ginny,
How beautiful you were then and still are now. Amazing how all these years later Marie has come back to you. I went to Versailles in 1995 but was too young and not interested in the full history, I didn't appreciate it like I should have. Now I wish I will go back some day xo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place!

Jane said...

Love your blog and the collage of Marie Antoinette is OUTSTANDING!! Just found your blog, but will be back.

Laume said...

You sure haven't aged much in twenty years, lucky you! We just went to Paris in April. I've been putting up Paris photos every few days ever since, if you want to "visit Paris". We didn't go to Versailles, we knew it was a lot of walking, and chose to go to Giverny to Monet's Garden instead, which was WONDERFUL. Maybe I'll get to Versaille next visit.

Cheryl said...

You're gorgeous, Ginny! Oh I love that little bit of "foreshadowing"...that you were mesmerized by Marie even then and now your art is influenced by her! How fitting.

Jenn and Jacqui said...

And return you shall Ginny, and when you do it will be soo beautiful :) Love the Tuilleries oh my, heaven is it not? A beautiful post Ginny. Hugs from downunder!! Jenn and Jacqui xo

Cathy said...

Ginny, what a lovely post. I have never visited Paris or anywhere in France for that matter. I am a bit more smitten with England for some reason.

I adored all your pics, especially Versailles. Just beautiful. Thank you for a great blog post.