Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Pretty Little Christmas in England

Well I thought I would join Heather of Pretty Petals for a Pretty Little Christmas as my blogging has been so appalling this year I think Christmas is as good a time as any to get back in here again.

This was the tree last Christmas we had a real tree dripping with alsorts of beauty.

Well Christmas will be a little different for us this year, my eldest daughter and her young family are spending Christmas in South Africa - they left me some beautiful christmas cards and I will miss them sooooo much.

So I am taking the rest of my brood to Wales to spend christmas with my sister and all the family. We have it well organised her eldest is cooking and we are both putting our feet up over a glass of something special. It will be bliss. However I have still put a few things special out for Christmas in my own house. I had to put out all the sweeties - my children would not forgive me if I had left the dresser bare :0)The tree is fake this year - with not extra special about it ..... but still took out a few fav ornaments.
Put some lights upLight the candles - and would never go without this winter candle from the White Company ~ the best ever.

I love these christmas cones that my round robin pal created last christmas ~ Holly of Holly Doodle makes no end of treasures and christmas would not be the same with out them around my home.

This Snow Queen Crown by Holly sits upon my dressing table.

And of course my beautiful cone created by Heather of Pretty Petals herself fits in beautifully in my bedroom ~ I might keep it there all year.
Well 2 things that you should really consider for your Christmas stocking this year should be a book by Twiggy (first ever super model and don't let anyone tell you other wise ... wink) she wrote a book about 20 years ago about how to look after yourself and it seems only fitting that I should get the next instalment - for anyone heading towards there 40's in there 40's or older you will LOVE this book.
Feel fabulous and smell wonderful ~ I love this smell and everyone should have princess cos aren't we all one. :0)
The last thing I had to have by my side was the christmas romantic homes. As I am a complete romantic it suits me just fine.
So to everyone out there, I wish you all a very merry Christmas from my home to yours
Love Ginny XXXX



KarenHarveyCox said...

I love everything, especially the wreath. I browsed Heather's list of bloggers attending the party and stopped at yours. I just knew you would design something so wonderful. Your Christmas is truly a pretty little Christmas.
Merry Christmas,

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ginny!!! I am so happy to see you here at the Christmas Party! I have missed you... :)

I LOVE your Christmas decorations of course. Your handmade gifts from everyone are beautiful... and those cards you recieved are so pretty too. I hope you have a blissful Christmas at your sisters house.

xoxo Heather

Karin said...

Just Beautiful!!!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Loved seeing your decorations all the way from England! Have a Happy Holiday, Esther

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! It's been so long! Merry Christmas Ginny! Your home looks wonderful!

Lori said...

Ginny, your home looks just gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing your pretty little Christmas!!! i love all of your goodies from Holly and Heather, they do make the prettiest little things:) thanks for stopping over to visit me too!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there doll

everything is so beautiful.
i love it all!!!
Happy Holidays!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny!
Everthing is so gorgeous!! I love your snowflake lights and your beautiful goodies from Holly and Heather. The crown looks so pretty on your dresser!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Sugar Bear said...

I love all of your photos and decor. Your dresser is a fabulous piece. I have one of Holly's cones. They are gorgeous.

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Merry Christmas from Canada! I enjoyed looking at your photos. Your home is beautiful. Wishing you all the best for 2009.

~ Karen

Anonymous said...

Love all your vintage handmade goodies!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I just adore all your decorations. They are lovely.

I will have a giveaway on my Friday post.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Everything is so beautiful!
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!

Miss Sandy said...

That wreath is the most delicious thing I have ever seen! Stunning! Thank you for sharing you beautifully appointed home. Have a Merry Christmas!

Sheila R said...

Loved all your wonderful pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Fete et Fleur said...

It's all so wonderfully romantic. I'm so glad you decided to post this loveliness.

Merry Christmas!

Sea Angels said...

Happy Christmas Ginny, lovely to hear from you, and to see your beautiful home, and lovely photographs, it looks just as lovely this year as it did last year, beautiful. I think I will order Twiggys book just what I need!!
Have a wonderful time...wonderful
Hugs Lynn xx

Ellen said...

Such a special blog you have. I had a great time visiting your blog!!

Marilee said...

How lovely your house looks. Such beautiful decorations, all twinkly and sparkly. Thank you for sharing it as part of the pretty christmas.

Happy Christmas,

p.s. Thanks for sharing the book. Twiggy was a real inspiration to me as a teen -- I loved that someone with a boyish body like mine was looking so fabulous in such great clothes!

Clare said...

Hi Ginny,

Lovely to see this very special Christmas post, such beautiful images.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Clare x

Kathy said...

What a beautiful post...your decorations are gorgeous. So glad to hear that you are going to have a nice relaxing holiday. Enjoy.

cherub*wishes said...

Have I told you lately....
I love your blog!!
So pretty & relaxing!!
Merry Christmas to you & your family

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny,
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas in Wales - yes, put your feet up and enjoy a tipple! ;-))

Your photos are stunning - I especially loved the wreath at the beginning.

Look forward to seeing you next year - fingers crossed,
Take care,
Niki x

Secondhandrose said...

Your home is so peaceful and serene looking. Thanks for sharing. Come for a visit.

Jillian said...

Everything is just lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas!


teacupsandpoodles said...

Hi Ginny,
Everything looks so nice! I can't wait to read that book by twiggy. I will be 44 in January. Anyways, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
Mary Ann

Phyllis said...

Hi Ginny,

I've discovered your blog and had to leave you a comment about Twiggy. Believe it or not, I saw her in person in the late 60's - I can't remember the exact year but it was probably '67. She was a skinny little thing with super short hair and acted kind of silly. But - I was so excited to see her in real life and will never forget her. I must say, she's turned into an absolutely beautiful woman!

Natasha Burns said...

Ginny hello!!!!! We've missed you girl!
Love what you've done, even if you are heading off to Wales (or you are probably there now, lol!)
I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and may 2009 be a beautiful new year for you.
Natasha xo

Alette Siri Ane said...

so pretty have a nice holiday further on

Cindy said...

oh wow I am new here and your
items are wonderful,
I could not even believe that
we love pink, sparkles, etc.
but you had a Keely Smith song
playing!!!! Oh thanks any infor
mation to get started at this would
sure be helpful, because I feel
as if I have finally found 'my home'
thanks every so
Cindy said...

Please, Come see my MaMa's hand made Christmas balls.


Hello just found your blog
wow your christmas decor is beautiful look forward to reading more