Thursday, 15 January 2009

Snow and Valentines

First the snow. First look out of the morning .... unbelieveable!

For posterity
I want to randomly
add some pictures
here for family
that didn't get to share
in our hilarity,

Would like to add that it rarely snows down here on the South Coast,

around 2 whole days with blizzards galore sent over by the Russians. So this is our little siberian photo log of the last few days.

Any cars that ventured on the hill ... well more fool them. They came they saw and they slide right back down the hill again.


first timer to snow and she's not having ANY OF IT!!
Don't you people get it NO!!!!
no no no no no no no NO!


Ahhh thats better, all smiles again.

Strike a pose.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, thought I would share my heart .... or hearts .

It is ok I am nodding the day in with respect even though it gets completely over commercialised, with expensive cards, flowers and chocolates.
But remembering the credit crunch and homemade is best I thought I would share a few hearts with you that I have created over the last couple of blog years.

Last year I made 21 tags for a swap .... phew now that was hard going, but if you are inspired - click here for that post

Happy Valentines Day All!


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

There is your post! I love the photo of you with your family Ginny... and your little grandaughter is just too cute for words in her pink coat.

LOVE all the hearts! wishing you lots of love this year... xoxo Heather

shabbydreaming said...

WOW!! How pretty to have snow like that would be amazing!! I adore the snow angel!!
have a great weekend!

Stephenie said...

I love those tags you made. They are beautiful. Your little grandaughter is adorable.
Heather has told me so many wonderful things about you. Thank you. for the warm welcome.
Stephenie said...

Hi darling,just a quick visit to see whats being created before I go back to hospital to have a kidney removed,hope all is well with y'all.xxoo said...

This is Dusty,one of Mama's daughters.She has had a really bad night with the pain,If any of her friends here would like to see a donation in a small creation of art , cards or money it would be greatly appreciated. Her hospital bills and meds are running high.Thank you for any thoughts.
It can be sent to
Jessie LaVon 854
Demopolia ,Alabama 36732 said...

going back to hospital
3/03 Mama has taken her radiation and is having her antibiotics.We are hoping the surgery will be Friday to remove the kidney.
They will cut her from her back to the front then down to her groin,remove her bottom rib then the kidney.
The Doctor says she will be down for 6 weeks and will have to take 7-10 meds for a while.
When we left tonight she was on pain meds and said if they keep taking stuff out of her there wasn't going to be enough left when she does pass and asked the doctor to save her rib for her and trying to eat a Krispy cream doughnut and drink Mountain Dew. Her spirits are good and said to tell her darlings hello.Were taking her art and some items y'all had sent some while ago to decorate the room so she has her favorite items around her while recouping. we will keep you updated.Thanks for prayers and thoughts and the treasure and trinkets that have arrived,She is waiting till after the surgery to open goodies sent to give her spirits a lift.
Now I wonted to say a few words about Mama,she has been a great lady who always took in other children off the street to help them ,always sacrificed her life to put us through collage and always wore hand-me-downs so we had the best clothes.Worked had in the garden to can food for us and aways had a smile on her face no matter how bad things got.SHE GAVE UP AND NEVER DATED AFTER HER DIVORCE, WITH NO CHILD SUPPORT TO GIVE ALL HER TIME AND DEVOTED TO US CHILDREN AND ALWAYS GAVE UNCONDITIONED LOVE TO US.
I hope her friends here will keep her in their thoughts till she returns home. said...

oh what a bueatful day!
Had a GREAT DAY TODAY!, WAS FEELING GOOD,FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME. I GOT TO SAT OUTSIDE AND EVEN TAKE A SHORT WALK OVER TO MY GARDEN SPOT with the children. Y'all know how addicted I am to spring garden and the Autumn days,my favorite seasons. Then had to come in for a rest and right back out again,
The sky was blue and sunshine about, black and yellow bumble bees buzzed about and the birds sung in the trees,only thing growing is dandelions but there heaven to me, just so glad to be outside. A neighbor has offered to till up my garden so MAYBE after I recover from surgery I can still get in a late garden.
The weather here is nice so we can open my bedroom window and I still get a bit of outside.
Just waiting for the 17th to have the surgery then I will be up and at it again.
I had not felt good in so long I had almost forgotten what I was missing.
it was such a great day I did not have to take any pain meds untill9:30 tonight.
Bubba fryed some green tomatoes off the vine,our first of the season.they look so lonely by them selves with only daddlions to keep them company,but soon I hope to have peas,corn ,squash ,watermelloms,pumpkins,lettes,raddis ,butterbeans,snape beans,cucumbers,strawberrys and any thing else I can put in.anyone know where I can get some celery seed, I also got to see the full moon last night,it was dreamie , hope y'all are alll have as wounderful day as I did, love to you all

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Ginny! So happy to hear from you. That was quite a snow! Quite a shock, I'm sure! Your sweet little grandaughter is adorable! Wonderful pictures of the family, and yes, I remember those tags from Valentine's day. I loved them! Blessings to all,