Monday, 20 April 2009

Sweet Southern Style

Altered Apron Part 1.

It is always fun to have a little bit of escapism from our day to day lives.
So just lately I have been participating in an Altered Apron Swap.

The idea originated from my round robin pal Heather and her friend Stephanie .
I was so glad to be asked to participate because I have missed doing these swaps and the good thing was that Heather and Stephanie put a collection of bloggers together that all had similar taste therefore we were all matched very well. I SURE WAS !!!!

I was practically hitting the ceiling with excitement when I heard

Jenn of Sweet Candy Creations was making an apron for me ~
I had always wanted to have Jenn in a partner swap for a long time. So I was extremely excited when I found out it was her. I was equally honoured to find out I was making for Stephanie ~she is new to blogging and one of the organisers of the swap so I wanted to do something extra special for her.
I was squealing with delight when I saw the postman coming up my path with my parcel. There was no mistaking who it was from ! :0)))

wrapped up in beautiful streamers and tissue

and tied with beautiful ribbon ~ what a colour ~ and the rose too.

I will keep these just like this.

Jenn had asked me what sort of thing I would like and of course I wanted something uniquely Jenn ~ I wanted her to have fun and not worry. I know what she is capable of and wanted all the whimsical, fun, innocent, frou frou, blingee Southern Charm that she could muster up.

She did not disappoint me. A beautiful Southern belle, white picket fence pocket, frou frou in the prettiest colours and bling. It is all sooo stunning and everything that I wanted ~ see my link to Jenn above because her photo's are just gorgeous and way way better than what I was able to do.

Jenn you really did make the most gorgeous apron for me, I will always remember you and all your Super Sweet Southern Style.

I promise to wear it everywhere except in the Kitchen ..... ha ha
For the apron I was making for Stephenie ...... well you will just have to wait .

ruffled and frou frou'd it with a dash of bling . Sorry just peeks at the moment.
Come back for part 2.
best wishes Ginny x


Lori said...

Ginny, the apron that Jenn made for you is so beautiful...i love the pocket detail most of all, it really could not be any cuter...i can't wait to see the creation you made for Stephenie...the peeks are gorgeous!!!

Stephenie said...

Ginny, I just love the apron Jenn made for you...I just love the southern style to it...The color is amazing also...
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the sneak peaks of the apron you made for me...I looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just keep looking at the pictures with pure excitement...
Hope you have a wonderful week..

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ginny, your apron from Jenn is simply BEAUTIFUL. She always creates such sweet things and I can see why you were excited to have her creating for you. ;))

LOVE this peek of your apron for Steph... I can't wait to see it. no doubt it will be STUNNING.

I am so happy that you decided to join the swap!

Anonymous said...

Ginny, I think I have commented on your blog before - your work is beautiful - the aprons, the pink everything. I also spotted you on the Marie Antoinette flickr grou but couldn't find you on the MA site - are you also under Twinkle Pink - send me your url for the site - I want to see all your MA work! Cathy

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your apron from Jenn is so flirty and sweet, with gorgeous detail! I can't wait to see your beautiful creation for Stephenie...!

zoe said...

Hi Ginny your apron was really darling and sweet!!! Perhaps i saw jenn's apron was really darling too:) you girls are just so talented!


vivian said...

hi Ginny, I've been blog hopping, checking out all the wonderful aprons! how lucky for you to recived Jenns. Its ao perfectly Jenn isnt it? Cant wait to see how yours turns out. so far the peeks are promising of pink frou frou greatness! have a sweet and creative day!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Oh, what a sweet apron! Absolutely stunning. Such imagination! I'm sure you were so excited when you opened it. Can't wait for Altered Apron Part 2!

Have a great week, Ginny,


Suzie Button said...

Hi Ginny, I received your box of LOVELY goodies today! I was oohhing and AHHHing and my husband was talking about something he heard on FOX news and said are u listening to me? I said, yeah, yeah, (but I really wasn't!) because I was so THRILLED with my box! I am putting it to good use right away, I've been making a montage of MA art for my daughter and your items are all ready on the piece! I will have it on my blog in a couple days so please pop over, and I thanked you on my blog tonight too! thanks SO much! Love, love, loved it all! Suzie