Monday, 7 September 2009

There are some dancers and then there are some ...

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If you have followed my blog over the last 6 months you will have noticed that I have taken up dancing ~ well it is called Ceroc ~ ( a mix of modern jive, and latin), well my friend and I have come across some unusual dancers in this time.
There are some and .........

and then there are some
and if your foot is on the floor ... as so ....
you do have a better chance of survival from this position (known as a drop lol) ,
though I will avoid this type of dancer at all cost (i'm just not ready lol)
preferring Feet firmly on the floor (Rumba).However I could maybe stretch to this (Tango)

Any way lol !!

My birthday is looming up fast and my girls have clubbed together to send me off to a dance weekend full to the brim of workshops on modern jive, salsa, tango, pole dancing

ooops yes you heard me right
This new exercise craze is sweeping the nation you may have already discovered it yourself. Apparently pole dancing is the newest fitness activity,not relegated for the sheer pleasure of gentleman anymore.Yes POLE dancing is supposed to provide you with great posture, strength and style which all aids to the perfect dancing.

;-) oh yes

Yes it can keep you fit, but boy you need to be fit just to get a hold of the pole while you slowly slither to a heap on the floor.

note how I keep trying to justify pole dancing hmmm cough cough . Should I have trained for this maybe???

Am sure I will enjoy it.

And with strictly dancing returning to British screens soon

Keep Dancing :)))
Catch you soon

Ginny x



Hi Ginny,
now that does sound fun, the pole dancing. Yeah it is catching on fast - seems like so many are doing that.
Have you lost any more weight from all this dancing ? I found your cool blog here from Google, I ran a link to my blog , hope that's okay?
Soooooooooooo glad to see your back to posting again, hasn't it been awhile ? Very lovely image of you, so attractive. And darling four generation photo of you ,daughter,granddaughter and Mother.
Hope you will come by soon and visit me at one of my blogs or maybe all three of them.
Always nice to make new friends.
Happy EARLY Birthday too....

Maggi said...

I've always wanted to take dance lessons, this sounds like so much fun! Good luck on the pole! lol

vivian said...

Your girls sure know how to spoil you for your birthday! Sound like a perfect gift for you! Do keep us posted with pictures and stories and have a great time!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ginny, good for you that you are dancing and doing something so good for you... so fun! I am giggling at you doing the pole dancing. Sometimes when I write with you via email, being that you are English, your words often come across to me as "very proper" since I am American and have no proper English... hehe... so the idea of you pole dancing just makes me giggle! It is great that you are doing what you enjoy.

here is a favorite quote that seems fitting to your post...

In the end, it isn't the years in your life... but the life in your years.


xo Heather

The Rose Room said...

Hi Ginny,
thanks for calling by and leaving such supportive comments!
Ceroc was my 2nd choice of dancing after pole, you will love the pole, very hard but fun :)))) Rachaelxo

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

This was a delight to read! You are inspiring and brave! Have such fun dear! Blessings.

Jorgelina said...

Maravilloso post!
Adoro bailar y mi hija hace danzas desde los 4 aƱos.
Un saludo enorme desde la tierra del tango,Argentina.

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Good for you, Ginny. What a fun way to get in the exercise, too! I don't know if you had the TV Show "King of Queens" in England, but there was one hillarious episode about the husband doing the pole dancing better than his wife. I'm sure that won't be the case here. Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful birthday adventure!


Ticking stripes said...

I'm so relieved with what you say about pole dancing. My daughter told me one of her friends is having lessons and I was horrified!(She's still at school. Now it all makes sense! Thank you!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi Ginny....

You lucky I would love to do some dancing! Loved the pix too.