Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Blatent Pleasure of it all


Christmas is in the air and talk of christmas lists has made me thinking about what I would really like for Christmas. There will be no Diamonds or trinkets ... Top of my list would be my close family and friends sharing Christmas with me. Thats all I want ~ The mulled wine, the roaring fire, laughter smiles hugs and kisses, twinkling candles, rooms filled with twinkling lights and the smell of good cooking.
Christmas past - but you get the idea :-)

But if there was one thing that could maybe squeeze in the stocking it would have to be this.

One of life's simple PLEASURES.Fresh as flowers after rain, this sheer,
shimmering floral is a spirited blend of Lilies,Peonies and Jasmine, all tingling with the rare essence of exotic Baie Rose

For the first time ever I have run out !! I've not had a standby bottle of this on hand. I have always had some in my bag or on my dresser. But now I found not a drop was left ~ i was desperate !! Well could I find it anywhere ~ i couldn't believe how difficult this was to find, non of the big supermarkets stocked it, non of the high street chemists did and the only place left was into the big city to the big dept store.

Well having found it eventually I also noticed this WONDERFUL offer too!!!! very reasonable price if you buy an estee lauder product .... ooooh now that would make a great Christmas present wouldn't it. JUST LOOK !!!!!

Well this WAS (as in past tense) last ditch chance of making sure the kiddie winkies see what I am moaning and hinting about, so has been all for nothing as have been told too late they have already got me a Xmas present.

Whats a girl to do!
Yes it is blantently obvious, I would LOVE some Pleasures this Christmas ... but
ooooh I wonder what they got me instead hmmmm ????
Anyway off to pull out all the decorations and see what i need to keep and what i need to part with. May create a few pretties too.
Catch you soon ;-)


Lori said...

your tree of Christmas past is lovely!!! i hope they got you something good:)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny,
That sounds like the perfect Christmas to me too...there are some things that money just can't buy.
Hope you're still aiming to get to the V&H fair will be lovely to see you again, if always look beautiful Ginny, and you don't need that make-up offer!
Niki x

Cassandra said...

Hey! Hope all is well, just a note that I need your address for your banners. I sent ya an email but have not heard so I thought I would try getting in touch here.

:) Cassandra

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Just a beautiful tree, Ginny. And yes, I too have had the dilemma of running out of "the scent". But I can't wait to see what the children have gotten for you.. :) Some delicious surprise, I'm sure!


Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Ginny,

The angel quote is by James Hillman. Please feel free to use it.... :) Have a great day,