Sunday, 1 August 2010

On Days like these ~ Italia !

I was thinking about this place the other day.  
The July issue of Country Homes  evoked memories of a holiday we had spent in Italy .
As I flicked through the pages of this magazine I was  thrilled  to discover  that the very house we had spent our summer of 2006 was  actually  featured within.  We had been there and way before any magazine had  found it…
I used to research  long and hard for the perfect summer holiday for  my family to enjoy.  I would start researching from January and booked early.  The critiea had to be home comforts - beautiful house - space - beautiful views -  swimming pool and places of  historical interest.  My radar was set on Tuscany, Italy ….  the year was 2006
O M Gosh   did i pick one !
A pretty house in a hamlet up in the mountains of Northern Italy.
view from the drive DSC02385dinner view
Here are my children,  enjoying a meal at that very same place.
1The Apuan Alps (the white of the marble  at the very top of the mountains illuminated  as dusk fell, leaving a beautiful pale pink hue.123
This was our first night in Italy you can tell from my daughters face that the view  was
The pizza oven in the background on the terrace was an original feature of the ancient house.

The kitchen was beautiful.DSC02383 
Below are the pictures I took.
 New Image 5DSC_0219
The fact that not only the kitchen worktops were made from the local marble bought from those very mountains  we admired so much, but also the cooker splash back and sink too, it  was quite impressive.
The magazine  did not the master bedroom  /ensuite - so here it is. bedroom 1
The Master  bedroom was  lovely big size and even lying on the  bed  you can see the mountains beyond. At night I witnessed some spectacular sheet lightning across the mountains … It was so far away and you heard nothing,  just experienced  a fantastic light show.
   DSC_0294 The children loved the swimming pool, it was  nestled on a plataeu just below the house and  looked over at the spectacular DSC_0231 1
How it looks today with a canopy for much needed shade ( see website)
These additional pics  taken of the swimming pool area in 2010 show new decking and a sun canopy – iThkjllooks lovely. casa-glyn13 casa-glyn14
Some of the tools of the trade  of a bygone era - an olive press – we were surrounded by olive trees and vineyards.213                      
Oh and one last thing  - (and something i should have thought about der … it is a mountain top  …  )  To get to such a magical place, you drive right up a mountain, expect  L shaped bends – with rocks hanging over you,  bends on sheer drop mountains, barriers with gaps in them and rattly bridges  -
Driving from England across France and then to Italy is by all accounts adventurous to start with.   But once in mountain country,  being a left hand drive car did not help,  especially getting round bends on winding  mountains,  2 miles an hour up and down the mountain was too fast for me …  once on the motorways  … well …. Italian drivers take no prisoners.
You see  historically  in England we tootal along, and when it  comes to getting on  the motorway,  someone will flash to say …” your very welcome to move on to the road in front ” ,  you  raise your hand  or give them the lights to say thank you and off we all go,  toodle pips … but in Italy  :-Oh NO !!!!!!    if someone flashes you in Italy they are warning you that they  do not want you to come in as they do not want to slow down… well of course we didn't know that  …  they actually drive faster at you, so this would  suggest  that you should NOT attempt to move in on the motorway ever … well not  until it is completely empty of motorists – ( yawn) 
So it would seem that flashing means  - “get the hell out of my way i am coming though and i am not stopping for anyone even if a  major accident  may occur”  ok got it we are fast learners !!!!
So swift learning curve,  we learnt to take  the roads to Tuscany very carefully, and that means faster and quicker.
My heart was in my mouth the entire time we were on the roads.
So all in all beautiful gorgeous romantic place.
But leave the driving to the locals ..  not unless you have nerves of steel.
If you do drive some fab cities like Florence and Pisa are within an easy drive and the train is on hand to places like Venice. Unfortunately i have still not made it to Venice …  maybe one day.
Where ever you happen to be this summer be safe  and enjoy!
This beautiful place is for holiday rent by - 
some pics of the pool came from the website of


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ginny, hello sweet girl!

What an amazing place... how wonderful to see your photos and the magazine shots!! I only dream of visiting such a lovely place, so glad I can visit through you!!

Glad to see your post here, and yes yes I do love my canon!!

xoxo Heather

Cassandra said...

Oh how neat! What a lovely place to stay!