Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dior - in miniature

I've been wanting to create a doll for a long while now using vintage fabrics,  maybe creating her in a papier mache construction, we will see. So today it begins, I feel inspired, not sure how she will turn out but I need to make samples and samples and samples. This  incredible work in this video  will serve to be of great inspiration to me . If you have problems viewing this amazing video below try this link to you tube.  


LindaSonia Anyname said...

My goodness - not sure if 'incredible' is a big enough word for the awesomeness of the work shown in that video. Wow, just WoW.

Now I feel like I'd like to make something similar too.

Thanks for sharing.

Niki Fretwell - Fairy Maker said...

Warning Ginny! - Making dolls is VERY addictive ;-))
Good luck and have fun I know whatever you come up with will be stunning.

Love the video - I had it on my pinterest, but it seemed to lose the link and would no longer play...good to see it again. I think there is a second style out there too.

Happy crafting, Niki xx