Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Samsung Customer Care (uk) - DON'T CARE AT ALL !!!

Sugar and Spice n everthing nice. WELL NOT TO DAY!!!

Yep the day has turned pretty grey and it's not the weather!!

It comes in the shape of this.
Yes my lovely new fridge that I have treated like gold dust ever since it graced my world.

I bought it from a respected shop that will not be named or used in the same breath as SAMSUNG.

Well the most important feature of my lovely fridge is the icemaking feature. I only bought a fridge like this for that reason. My only crime is to have bought it straight off the shop floor ie: slight scratch marks on the handles, bit of dust etc ( bit of money off but not much - that'll teach me ).

Well I had one day of happiness with the ice making part but then a small part similar to a washer came away within the ice box (not the lever on the outside ) which meant condensation got into this section and froze over the exit for the ice cubes - a job that could have cost about 50p ($1.00) to replace.

BUT OH NO!! according to the customer care man they didn't cover shop soiled goods with broken levers that were sold in the shop as is...... (?) Did I mention broken lever? Well we didn't have a broken lever and everything was absolutely great for 1 day AND
AND why oh why would I buy a fridge with a broken ice making feature (????) I wanted the fridge because of the ice maker!

Well our conversation escalated to the hierarchy of the customer care and then spiralled downwards into the darkest area's of the deep blue where the sharks hover :(((

Rules for customer care - how to keep your customer calm and collected -
1. The customer is always right - well not in Samsung UK?
and if (not on this occasion) their not right don't proceed to tell them in sarcastic manner that they are wrong, it puts their back up.

2. When the customer is really upset and will never buy from them again .... please oh please don't tell them that Samsung corner the market by 80% and you don't really have a choice.

3. When the customer says they will take the problem higher. Don't say it doesn't really make a difference.

You are only undermining the top guys ie: the Company Director who worked so hard to get the product out to the customer and also pay your wages :)

NO STOP right there .... I the customer pay your wages and without me none of you would be paid each month and Samsung wouldn't even exist either.

and if you are in a job that you don't really care about why don't you get yourself out of there and give the job to someone who does care !!!

Well we made one good decision we took out a ' what ever happens insurance' with the shop we bought the item from,

They are going to replace the fridge and speak to Samsung UK - I am NEVER going to buy SAMSUNG again not that the customer care CARED AT ALL!


Ragged Roses said...

Oh dear!! Those Customer Care departments are the worst - Have you been watching Hell's Kitchen? they seem to be adopting Marco Pierre White's attitude to his customers!
Kim x
You definitely need one of those posters!!

Natasha Burns said...

Oh wow Ginny what a nightmare!!! So lucky that the shop is going to replace the fridge for you. I don't understand where these people get off speaking to customers like that. Well, Samsung doesn't corner the market in Australia, so that is one good thing! I don't own a single Samsung product now that I think of it! So at least I won't have to deal with their CUSTOMER I DON'T CARE DEPT!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny,
Unbelievable!! I am so glad that the shop is going to replace it for you. (If the shop that will remain nameless, but has the initials JL, is the one in question, I can vouch for them, having worked for them for a few years in the past - that they definitely DO care.)
Think we should all boycott Samsung though!!
(The shark pic is great but very scary!!!)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Yikes! That's horrible! Over here in the US, they call the Customer Care department the "Customer Service" department. Sometimes they service, sometimes they don't! I've been on both ends before -- I hope you get your problem resolved!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

What a total nightmare!! That's the sort of thing that makes you want to scream at them in frustration (well it does me anyway!) So glad you're getting a new one!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

oh I am laughing... not at your poor fridge... but at your entertaining account of the whole thing!! You poor thing, you are in a ruffle now for sure.

I know exactly how you feel as I just an hour ago got off the phone with Sprint US (although they connect me to some foreign country that I can't understand. They have been charging my cell phone bill this $24.00 charge for 5 months now...every month I call in and complain, they tell me they will take it off the bill...what do they do, you ask?? they keep putting it on my bill!!! lol

Needless to say, I am so glad that you got that insurance and I will certainly take your advice about Samsung. Bet he didn't know you have a famous twinkle pink blog to spread the news!! hummmph!!

xo Heather

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh, how disappointing. Hope it works out for you. Why can't people just be nice!

Lavender Rose said...

Sometimes I get so mad at these things that it makes me crazy! I'm so sorry you ran into this situation. It seems that so many people could care less these days....

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh goodness...I feel so bad for you! Don't know what I would do w/o my ice maker...good luck!

Sea Angels said...

Hi Ginny. I think that service is awful, it's so depressing when these things happen, and they are out of our hands, yet can upset our lives. I will because of this boycott Samsung, it's only when we protest things get put right or people listen.(silly smile) I did love your account of it all....together with shark pic, Lynn xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!! What a state of affairs. Unbelievable. I'm so glad we don't have anything Samsung (as far as we know that is!!)

I wonder if Samsung has a blog? We could all add comments ...

You made me laugh though, even if you were spitting feathers. Glad you're getting a replacement from the shop. At least someone somewhere cares even if the customer carers don't.

Keep smiling!
Sue x

Les said...

My daughter had a similar problem with Samsung yesterday. Similar fridge/freezer to yours, bought July 06, failed for 2nd time. 'Customer Care' said repair would be Tuesday as "our engineers don't like to work at weekends" Their suggestion was to use spare space in neighbours' fridges! I faxed the Chairman of Samsung in Korea at 6pm yesterday quoting him from his own Annual Report about their wonderful standards- guess what - the repair was rescheduled for today!

Twinkle Pink said...

Amazing - thank you for that, may be he cares, pity he is let down by his employees.

Teddy said...

Shame you had a problem with your fridge. Sounds like a nice unit. I am sure Samsung would only be working within thier means. The retailer should of told you about sold as seen. I am sure this is common practice across most manufaturers. I had a simliar problem with another make. The manufactura told me there was nothing I could do and that I should of checked the unit over. but even if I did all this if I was to have a fault later on it may not be coverd by the warranty as it was sold as seen. But as my contract of sale was with the retialer as I paid my money to them and not to the person who made the unit I was told to take it up with them. In the end got it all sorted. the manufacture is limited to what they can do as the warranty on the unit is to cover brand new units that are used only for domestic purposes. I do know someone who spoke to Samsung about another issue and got told that they are the largest manufactura of consumer electronics. Yes this is true however they then went on to say that Sony, dell etc use samsung parts. He already knew this but what they were trying to say to him was Well if you don't buy samsung we will still get money from you if you buy another brand. If that was me I would be going crazy about it. Hope you got it all sorted out. Good job on the insurance though alot of people make the mistake of not getting that.

Twinkle Pink said...

Thank you Teddy

well you live and learn ... the thing with the fridge was that no one wanted to take it back ... at one point we had 3 of these huge fridges in our kitchen ... a replacement (different maker), that was promised was brand new never touched by human hand on the shop floor(and was), a newer replacement and our old pal samsung .... i think they just wanted us to store their fridges.

Anyway they said the samsung was to be scrapped ... so we took it off their hands ... my daughter has it - i have to say it is a lovely fridge .... i just hated the attitude of the customer service ... so many people are desperate for jobs out there and samsung employ idiots on there customer service ... just put there to wind you up and give you absolutely rubbish customer care ...

That was back in 2007 so thank you for still coming by her to leave comments ... i wonder if anything has improved yet ??