Sunday, 14 February 2010

There are some knickers and then there are some ….

Who would have thought it  … millinery on your knickers.
You may have come across these already but I didn’t think i would ever come on here and start talking about underwear so when I came across this company
Strumpet and Pink   the other day, I  just had to shout about it WOW ~  and what a fab name for a company ….  and soooo gorgeous  expensive creations they are too  … willow
grandma’s knitting seen in a whole new light ;-)
or a corsage … not where you would expect :-ohunting-through-the-ruffles
ooooh but my absolute fav pair are the ruffles ~ so so  elegant.
You will find these and lots more online at
   Faire Frou Frou
Well now off i trot to M&S for some ole reliables or maybe not  ha ha.
All photo’s are from the online catalogue at Strumpet and Pink (see link at top of post )


Natasha Burns said...

OMG Ginny! I don't know what to say... images are coming to my mind about underwear and how they don't stay "pristine".... ick! lol! These are fascinating to look at (as are the prices!), but I have to say, I love my granny panties!

Twinkle Pink said...

LOL yes Natasha ... nice and warm .

vivian said...

oohlala!! they put a new meaning to the term fancy pants dont they? and they're right up my alley! (NOT!! ha.. or really, they'd be right up my *alley* lol.. better stop now!) but they sure are pretty!
have a sweet valentines day

Twinkle Pink said...

yes Vivian ...very pretty, works of art, maybe they should just be framed ha ha

Anonymous said...

too pretty! i think adding lace, millinery and ruffles are just too sweet and how lovely it would be to wear them at home. adorable.

Cassandra said...

oh my word lol! Hmmm interesting. lol Thanks for sharing these. Too cute. :) Cassandra

The Rose Room said...

fabulous!!!! Hope you have put a few embellishments on your M&S knickers to tart them up a bit!!! Rachael