Friday, 19 January 2007


Just look at her, she flew in today, beautifully packed. My Valentine fairy has been especially made for me with a rosy heart by Niki - .

She is ADORABLE thank you so much. I love her outfit and halo with rosebuds. What I find so sweet are the tiny little perfect heart shaped lips. You are clever Niki!

She looks like she was meant to be on my quilt dresser, but what's this, all is not well in this perfect fairy kingdom
( don't worry I'm not away with them just yet).

Alas with all this attention bestowed on the Valentine fairy the Spring fairy is rather heavy of heart!
Or rather I have given her a christmas heart bauble to hold in readiness for her new friends arrival.
She shouldn't worry she looks adorable too and no doubt I shall be collecting a few more seasonal fairies over the coming year.
What about birthday fairies Niki?
Now back to reality .... got a hundred and one things to do, finish my art piece, start another project, feed the children, clean up the kitchen, do the washing up, watch the clock so that my son gets off to swimming training in time, vacuum up, pick up my older daughter from the station ... am I starting to tire anyone else out yet because just writing this is doing me in....... blah.......ugg.


Tracy said...

You are one lucky girl - the fairies are SO beautiful. Nikki is a very talented lady - i purchased a doll pin cushion from her, it broke my heart to give her away as a Christmas gift!
I think i need to visit Nikki's shop again!!!

louise said...

Aha, so you're one of the people who keeps getting to Niki's fairies before me! Mind you, they look so fab & at home with your beautiful quilts, I can't hold it against you :) Louise x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Oh Ginny, thank you so much for this post! You have taken such lovely photographs! The Valentine fairy looks so at home with your amazing and beautiful collection of vintage quilts - Such a lovely idea to display them behind glass.
Birthday fairies are a great idea.....Thank you, and for your purchases too!

Peta said...

That fairy fits into you decor perfectly!
Your day is tiring me out lol! I am off to work so I had better wake up!

Shirlee said...

Your Valentine fairy is adorable and I love her little heart shaped lips.

Deb said...

What a gorgeous fairy fripperie! She looks perfect hanging on your quilt cupboard.

gena said...

What a beautiful fairy! yes Niki is very talented, I have had many attempts at doll making over the years and its very time consuming, Nikis attention to detail is astounding, they look very at home!

Clare said...

Hi Ginny, I think it's a very good idea to be away with the fairies - especially when they have been created by Niki - her talent is amazing isn't it? I think we should have a fairy for just about EVERY occasion, don't you?! Clare x

Susie Q said...

What a lucky lady to have those sweet fairies in your home. I envy you! They look so wonderful and are so happy to be there in your cozy, pretty home!
Do they get into any mischief??

Primrose Hill said...

There's nothing wrong with being away with the fairies!

I've tagged you, have a look at my blog for instructions.

L x

Carol said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS Ginny! Niki's fairies are so delightful with all the beautiful vintage fabrics and details I think I have to order one too! Are they addicting? Oh oh looks like it lol

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny,
Sorry, but you are tagged. Visit my blog for the rules.

Nonnie said...

They are both such gorgeous fairies. I started a fairy collection before Christmas buying one from Carolyn at Willow House. Now I think I need to take another look at Niki's website.

Mia said...

Such lovely fairies! And I love that quilt dresser of yours as well with all those lovely quilts in it.

Anita said...

Thanks a lot for joining my selfmade nostalgic heart swap! It's great to have you in! I LOVE the photos on your blog!!!!

I put an email-address on my blog, could you please send me a little mail as I need YOUR email address for sending out further details to all participants! Please put "Nostalgic Heart Swap" in the subject line (otherwise, your mail might end up in my spam filter). Thanks a lot, I am looking forward to swapping with you!

Jen said...

Hey, I'm the proud new owner of one of Niki's fairies also. Aren't they wonderful? Mine is hanging above my work table in my studio. I hope to spend some quality time with her this evening. Jen

Lady Laurie said...

Love your fairies and all the little hearts you have done ~ so very pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Colette said...

I must look up Nikki. These fairies are joy making!