Monday, 1 January 2007

It's a New Dawn its a New Day its a New Life and I'm Feeling Good ..

( think that is how the song starts - now enter the loud music - )
1st January 2007 came in with a bang. A Clear night and the moon is nearly full.
The sound of fireworks could be heard everywhere taking over the peace of the village . Added to this was a spectacular display being shown on the TV from the London Eye on the Thames with Big Ben overlooking the show. I'd love to be there next new year.
14 years ago it used to be a very quite affair in this village, no fireworks only the sound of the ships and the boats fog horns in the harbour and out in the Channel, bringing in the new year. I love the fireworks, but I used to love listening out for the fog horns too.

The clearest blue skies over the South of England and the flag flies in a gentle breeze. (sorry to my Scottish and Welsh relatives and my best Irish Friends - I don't have your flags - another new year resolution ... )

The cat has found a lovely warm spot in the garden, it was not cold in the morning at all. But by the late afternoon we had hailstones and black skies - typical!
The first job of the day, to put the arm back on my daughters doll, The inner socket has crumbled away but remembering my new year resolutions I got on to the job straight away!! I then went off to find the hot glue ....... eeuuuuuuu.
I did find it, and hopefully it will do the job for a while. The next task was this awful mess in my workroom....... that's going to take more than a day to do. I WILL RETURN...... and as Scarlet O'Hara said in the film 'Gone with the Wind' - I'll think about that tomorrow....but for the moment let me return to the prettier things in life. Setting the table for our first new year dinner.
Happy 2007


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Ginny,
Happy New Year to you too, your table looks beautiful for your first dinner of the New Year. I can totally sympathise with the messy work room - I have yet to tackle mine, as you say tomorrow will do!
Lisa x

bigbucketgirl said...

Happy New Year! this is my first trip to the Land of Blog in 2007 and I found YOU!. One of my resolutions is to feel NO guilt at sitting here cosied up under a duvet with dd and ds watching old movies, thoroughly enjoying blogs, old and new. Love the new year table..we only had a buffet tea with too much Baileys!

Nonnie said...

Happy New Year to you. Your table looks really gorgeous.
Can also sympathise with the work room. Well, work table and cupboard actually. Total mess but I feel positive about getting it sorted. Somehow a new year makes everything seem achievable.

Chris said...

Yey! Time to start afresh and sort those cupboards! We all have them. Happy New Year!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Ginny.
Happy New Year.
Your New Year table looked beautiful.....the cupboards errrr....It's OK I am just being smug because I have just finished tidying my workroom! (I didn't dare do a before photo though! - you are very brave!)

Donna said...

Happy 2007 Ginny. I love your New Year table and yes, I too have a 'sewing room' that is so disorganised that I can no longer get in to sew. All my sewing is now done on the kitchen table by the aga!

Susie Q said...

Such a beautiful New Year's table!

I can sympathize as well with the room. I am waaay behind in de cluttering and re organizing. That is my January job! Oh my...better get to it!

Happy New Year!


Shirlee said...

I think listening to boats in the harbour sounding their horns is lovely. I'm partial to train whistles too and thankfully the trains run through our town.
I hope you got your daughter's dolly all fixed up. In our house it's usually an action figure missing a body part. Those little guys are tough to fix.

louise said...

Happy New Year Ginny! Hope it's a great one for you & your family. Louise x

Deb said...

Such a lovely cat!
Your table setting is gorgeous.
Happy New Year.

Clare said...

Happy New Year! Your table setting looks lovely and what an adorable cat! How's the work room looking now?! Clare x

gena said...

Oh How stunning is that table! it looks wondeful! hope you had a lovely dinner!

Alison said...

Your table looks gorgeous. I also see that you're in West Sussex which is where I lived before moving here!